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10 Insane Skate Parks around the World

By Whirl Construction (657 words)
Posted in Decorative Curbing on November 30, 2012

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The perfect skate park offers varied terrain that challenges beginners, intermediate and experienced skaters. Before starting construction of a community or residential skating area, take a look at some of the most popular parks in the world.

Black Pearl Skate Park, Cayman Islands

Situated in the spectacular Cayman Islands, this 52,000 square foot outdoor park opened n 2005 with none other than Tony Hawk officiating at the ceremony. Excellent perimeter lighting ensures safe skating day or night.

Louisville Extreme Park, Kentucky

Spanning 40,000 square feet of outdoor concrete, the Louisville park remains one of the largest in the country. The facility permits skateboarding, inline skating and biking on a course that includes a 24 foot long full pipe.


SMP Skate Park, Shanghai China

Covering almost 45,000 square feet, the SMP Skate Park annually hosts an international competition called “The Showdown.” Courses throughout the park include a long vert ramp featuring two extensive roll-ins and interconnecting bowls.

Marseille Skate Park, France

Lying along the scenic coast is only one of the attractions of this location. While most parks contain drab, colorless concrete, the landscape of this facility includes amazing graffiti that creates an eye popping expanse. Marseille offers hundreds of lines, bowls, killer hips and verts.


Stoke Plaza, Stoke-on-Trent, England

England’s popular 34,000 square foot park lies in the northern region of the country. Surrounded by a lush, green lawn, the unique design of the facility includes numerous banks, ledges and hubbas in addition to quarter pipes and steps.

Vans Skate Park, Orange, California

The Vans Shoe Company created the expansive indoor/outdoor park suitable for inline and skate boarding. The indoor and outdoor surfaces offer 20,000 square feet each. Inside, skaters find an ultra slick wood surface, which ensures a smooth ride. Concrete bowls and pools comprise the exterior along with an extensive street course.


Kona Skate Park, Jacksonville, Florida

Touted as being the oldest skate park in the country, Kona Skate Park attracts amateurs, experienced and professional skaters alike. Featured in many video games, the facility also offers onsite instruction for skaters of all ages.

Amazing Square Skate Park, Tokyo, Japan

Many consider this monster outdoor park a skater’s paradise having numerous ramps, verts and a giant half-pipe. The street course includes rails and stairs. Open 24 hours a day, the facility also allows BMX biking.

Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park, San Jose, California

This unique park encompasses 68,000 square feet making it the largest in the state. Attracting skaters and bikers of all skill levels, the many Cunningham features include the largest cradle on the planet, tallest vert wall and a 70 foot long, 22 foot wide full pipe.

Millennium Skate Park, Calgary, Alberta

This 75,000 square foot park has the largest skating surface in North America. Located in the city’s Shaw Millennium Park, the public facility does not require admission fees.

With over three decades of construction experience, clients turn to Whirl Construction for outdoor recreational surfaces. Whether requiring a safe playground or an awesome skate park, the company offers the services of professional staff that have a combined total of over 100 years of experience.

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