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11 Types of Commercial Site Amenities for K-12 Schools

By Whirl Construction (391 words)
Posted in Site Amenities on April 19, 2016

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Trying to decide what to install in your commercial site that is going to appeal to a younger audience? If you're installing site amenities on K-12 schools, you'll need to make sure that the students are your main focus when choosing what amenities to add.

Here are the top 11 amenities that are essential to a fully usable (and enjoyed!) commercial site.


What would a kid's dedicated area be without a commercial playground? While they’re less important for the older students, the right playground setup at your commercial site will keep classes of students occupied for decades to come. Think slides, monkey bars, climbing walls, swings, riders and other cool playground themes.


We all need a place to sit! Install benches in places where kids are likely to want to sit down and have a chat.

Water fountains

Keep your students hydrated by ensuring they have enough access to clean, fresh drinking water across your commercial site.

Picnic tables

Picnic tables are where your students will eat their on-the-go meals, and possibly congregate to chat and play games. Ensure that you have enough for your site size.

Trash cans

Kids can make a lot of mess! Prevent litter in your space by installing dual trash cans with regular rubbish and recyclable rubbish to help keep your zone green. 


Have somewhere for students to sit while watching sports. Whether they’re demountable or fixed, it’ll give everyone a great view of the action.

Bike racks

Encourage your students to ride to your school instead of having their parents or friends drive them by installing bike racks at various locations throughout the site.

Skate features

Skateboarding can be a great sport to get into as well as a great spectator sport! If you want to encourage skating in your space, add a few elements like steps ups and curved lips.

Wheelchair ramps

It’s important that you provide extra access points for special needs students and visitors. Wheelchair ramp access is an absolute must.

Sports courts

You don’t have to go all out with this one. While you can install basketball or tennis courts for something specific, you might also like to just try marking lines on the ground for playing handball or dodgeball.

Shaded areas

If you’re in a place where it can warm up, then you will need to make sure that there are enough areas to hang out in the shade – whether it’s under trees or other structures.

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