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2018 Summer Playground Maintenance Checklist

By Whirl Construction (322 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on June 19, 2018

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The summer season is here, which means a huge uptick in the number of children playing on your playground equipment. Follow this 2018 summer playground maintenance checklist to make sure everything is ready for their play time.

  1. Check ground cover under all equipment. Fill in where necessary.

  2. Check around all playground equipment for anything that could harm children who fall. Remove or add padding.

  3. Test all play equipment to make sure it works properly, and repair as necessary.

  4. Is any of your climbing equipment too high for the children playing on your equipment? It should not be higher than reaching height.

  5. Check for concrete supports and footings that stick out from the ground. Cover as necessary.

  6. Check for tree roots or other obstructions that could be a tripping hazard and remove or cover.

  7. Check all equipment for sharp edges, missing bolts, and broken parts. Replace or file down as necessary.

  8. Check wood for rotting, splitting, and termites. Replace as necessary.

  9. Waterproof all wood playground equipment.

  10. Check for peeling paint or rust on equipment and recoat/refinish as necessary.

  11. Check swing posts, chains, and seats to make sure they are secure. Replace as necessary.

  12. Sift through sand or gravel to make sure there are no dangerous items buried.

  13. If you have a water feature, make sure the surrounding ground is surfaced so that it won’t be slippery.

  14. Check all ropes to make sure they are secured at both ends.

  15. Make sure all chain links and loops are fully closed and secure.

If your playground is outdated and/or unsafe, it may be time to install a new one. We would love to help. Learn more about the playgrounds we’ve installed and who we are as a business. Then, contact us for help improving your playground this summer!

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