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3 Benefits of Playgrounds in Schools

By Whirl Construction (398 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on March 9, 2018

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Whenever you think of elementary schools, you probably imagine a playground. Most people have fond memories of the playground, but it turns out that they are more than just fun. The importance of playgrounds for schools is usually underestimated. Read on to learn 3 benefits of playgrounds in schools (aside from the obvious fun they bring to the school day).

Increased Physical Activity

We live in a sedentary society, and kids just don’t play outside like they used to. The school playground is absolutely crucial to increasing physical activity in childhood. By providing a safe environment and specific times throughout the day, schools can encourage kids to run around and be active. Physical activity decreases childhood obesity which is a precursor for many diseases in adulthood. Plus, it allows kids to explore and find sports and activities that they enjoy doing so they can carry those through their lives.

Social Interaction

Children learn a lot about the world and people by playing together. The social interaction on the playground is a crucial part of development. Kids learn how to share limited resources, work together, and make friends. In a handicap accessible playground, kids learn how to be inclusive of people with disabilities. Depending on how well supervised they are, playgrounds can also be a place where kids learn about the importance of including others. Although some lessons on the playground may be painful, they prepare children for the adult version of those same problems.

Better Classroom Attention

All kids, but especially young children, have a shorter attention span than adults. They have so much energy that it is nearly impossible to sit through an entire day of learning without having a physical activity break. If kids don’t have a chance to get up and move, they will be distracted and fidgety in class. Elementary school playground equipment gives them a chance to explore and burn that extra energy so they can focus on learning while in the classroom.

If your school is considering adding or updating playground equipment, we have many resources available for you. Learn how to choose commercial site amenities for schools or check out The Ultimate Guide to Playground Safety. When you’re ready, check out our playgrounds, and then contact us so we can help your school find the best playground equipment for your needs.


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