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3 Benefits of Skate Parks

By Whirl Construction (463 words)
Posted in Skateparks on September 24, 2018

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When most people think about skateparks, they imagine a place for troublesome teens to loiter, cause trouble, and make plans for wreaking havoc on the community. Okay, that maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but many communities struggle to generate support for skate parks due to similar myths. As it turns out, these myths couldn’t be further from the truth. Read on to learn 3 benefits of skate parks.

Skate Parks Are Good For Kids

Skaters, as a demographic, are definitely risk takers, but it turns out that skating and participating in physical activities actually decreases typical risky teenage behaviors like experimenting with drugs and alcohol and promiscuity. Skate parks are basically playgrounds for teenagers and young adults. They decrease skating accidents which are usually caused by motor vehicles, encourage healthy habits, and promote community involvement. Read our tips for staying safe at a skatepark.

Skate Parks Are Good For Property

There’s a popular sentiment among those in the know: if your community doesn’t have a skate park, it is one. Skaters who don’t have access to a skate park have to improvise, putting community, commercial, and residential property at risk. Skateboarders will find a place to practice regardless of whether there is a skate park available or not, and because many skateboarders are too young to drive to surrounding communities, not having a skate park means they’ll resort to skating on commercial and residential property. This can cause property damage, and puts skateboarders at risk from unsafe environments.

Skate Parks Are Good for The Community

Skate parks provide a safe place for skateboarders to practice, which takes them away from wherever they’ve been lingering in the past. Skateboarders are notorious for driving away foot traffic at businesses when they practice outside of a skate park, so giving them a skate park is beneficial to those businesses. Skate parks can also provide stimulus to the local economy, as many older teens and adults will drive in to experience a unique skate park. (Check out the top 4 modern skate park designs and 10 skate parks you’ll want to visit.) Many communities have been surprised by the positive affect their economy has received from putting in a skate park. Having a designated space also makes skateboarders and other teenagers and young adults feel that they are valued in the community, increasing involvement and respect for their surroundings.

Skate parks are a great addition to any town, and can help young people feel a part of the community. Do you think a skate park would be a good fit for your community? Check out the skate parks we’ve installed, learn about commercial skate park installation, or contact us to learn more today.

Comments (1)

Electric posted on: October 19, 2020

I also believe that skate parts are best to skateboard. One should obey the rules and it helps learners to make the most of this activity. It boosts the morale of a person to try something new and one can also avoid unnecessary accidents that happen on the roads. It is a problem for the rider as well as for the general public. Choosing the skate parks has many benefits. I also want to choose the electric skateboard for my son and I will take him to the skatepark to make the most of this activity.

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