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3 Commercial Site Amenities Every Town Needs

By Whirl Construction (490 words)
Posted in Site Amenities on April 1, 2015

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Community parks encourage families and friends to spend time together outside, and furnishing these areas with necessary commercial site amenities will make these areas more fun, comfortable, and relevant. When people have a space to park their bike, enjoy a picnic, and watch the neighborhood rivalry manifest on the basketball court, they are more likely to spend their time outdoors and with each other.

Studies have proven that time spent outdoors among the company of friends makes people healthier and happier. Particularly with summer right around the corner, installing these commercial site amenities in your local park or playground can make the difference between a boring summer and an exciting one.

Picnic Areas

Picnic Table - NJ Commercial Site Amenities Installation

Providing visitors with comfortable places to sit can make your local park the most popular destination in town. Picnic tables, benches, and grills are all ingredients for a good time, especially in the summer. Gatherings are easy when there’s a table for games and food, and with a grill nearby, you are encouraging families to cook and eat together.

We also install trash cans as one of our commercial site amenities, thus guaranteeing that your facility will remain clean and litter-free while still providing comfortable spaces for families to sit, eat, and play together.


NJ Bleacher Installation - Commercial Site Amenities

Beyond a dining area, offering a space where people can sit and enjoy a game of basketball, tennis, or soccer opens up a world of possibilities. Not only will locals continue to use the facility for their own scrimmages, but when you provide all necessary amenities for a sports match, the park space can be utilized by schools and daycare centers across the town for practices and competitive games between students.

Installing bleachers in these areas gives teachers, parents, friends, bands, and cheerleaders a place to sit, watch, and root for their team. There are many different sizes and styles of bleachers you can install, and we have a few on our website that will work well for you.

Sports Equipment

Soccer Goal - NJ Commercial Site Amenities Installation

With bleachers, tables, and chairs, your park will still need some sports equipment to give visitors something competitive to watch and play. Soccer goals, basketball courts, and workout equipment are all viable site amenities for your local park.

Installing these sports amenities will not only increase your park’s popularity but it will also encourage people to pursue more physical activities. Access to parks and sports equipment inspires people to exercise more, reducing the risks for heart disease and other health issues, and ultimately turning your town into a healthier place to live.

Which commercial site amenities do you have in your town?

These commercial site amenities are easy ways to help people stay healthy and have fun. Whirl Construction is here to help you plan and install any of these top commercial site amenities in your park or playground. 

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