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4 Benefits of Playgrounds for Communities

By Whirl Construction (380 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on January 31, 2019

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Whether you’re thinking of rebuilding a community playground or trying to decide if a playground is the right choice for your community, you’ve probably had people ask you  why playgrounds are important. Playgrounds aren’t just for kids, and they aren’t just for play; they’re for everyone. Learn why your community may need a playground with these 4 benefits of playgrounds for communities.

Increase Property Values

Having a beautiful playground nearby does wonders for property values, and it’s a great way to make use of wasted or unused property in your community. You can take a look at rundown playgrounds and see if you can save them, or try to create something entirely new. There are also a number of current playground trends to look into, like playable art, that can take this concept even further. As you plan your playground, be sure to include plenty of shaded areas, and look into requesting police patrols so that you can keep it safe. Having a safe and beautiful playground could be the key to increasing property values in your community.

Decrease Crime

There are tons of benefits to having playgrounds in schools because kids need opportunities to socialize, play, and be active. But what about when school ends for the day? Having a community playground that caters to all ages of youth is a great way to decrease crime rates in your community. Give your young people positive and wholesome things to do, and they will be less likely to go looking for trouble.

Improve Community Member Health

Did you know that many community playgrounds are now including physical fitness structures that cater to older adults and those with disabilities in addition to the standard kid-centric pieces? Your playground can provide health benefits for your entire community if you plan it properly.

Increase Community Involvement

One of the greatest benefits of playgrounds in communities is the opportunity to increase community involvement. Get people involved in fundraising, building, and then in enjoying your community playground. You’ll be surprised how much a community playground can do to bring everyone together.

Need help planning and building your community playground? Learn what we can do to help and then contact us.

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