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4 Benefits of Rebuilding a Community Playground

By Whirl Construction (348 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on January 10, 2018

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Sometimes rebuilding a community playground is the only way to keep one around, particularly if the previous structure has been damaged or is no longer safe. More often than not, however, communities decide it’s time to make changes because they understrant the benefits of rebuilding a community playground. The following are the 4 most popular benefits of rebuilding a community playground.

Improves Playground Safety

Increased safety is the most frequently cited benefit of rebuilding a community playground. New equipment is safer than outdated equipment, especially if your playground includes pieces that are broken or have not been properly maintained. Safety standards have changed dramatically since most community playgrounds were originally built. Learn more about improving playground safety.

Extends Accessibility

If your community playground was built more than ten years ago, it probably wasn’t built with accessibility in mind. There are likely quite a few members of your community who would benefit from a more accessible playground. When you are planning your community playground rebuild, be sure to consider the special needs within your community and choose playground equipment that will meet those needs. Learn more about playground accessibility.

Increases Property Values

Old rundown playgrounds bring down property values and make your town or city look bad. When you rebuild a community playground, you improve the aesthetics of your community and signal to newcomers that your town is a good place to visit or move. Plus, a nice new playground can actually increase property values.

Strengthens Community

The best part of rebuilding a community playground is how it brings people together. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to come out and work on the project together. The real benefit, though, comes after you finish. You’ll watch as kids and families enjoy the new updated playground for years to come.

Think it’s time to update your community playground? Learn about unique playground themes and get help choosing your surface material. Then, check out our previous builds. We’d love to help rebuild your community playground.

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