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4 Decorative Curbing Ideas to Improve Your NJ Home

By Whirl Construction (635 words)
Posted in Decorative Curbing on May 14, 2015

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The driveway is more important that you think. It’s the face you present to the street and the rest of your neighborhood, and it is the true entrance into your home, making it one of the first places guests will see when they arrive. Dressing up your drive way is easy. Improving your driveway curb appeal only involves a little landscaping and a lot of creativity. These 4 ideas for dressing up your driveway curb appeal are just a few to get you started and hopefully inspire you to pursue more unique curbing and landscaping projects.

Paint Your Garage

Start with the easiest first and paint your garage door. Whether you’re refreshing the classic white coat, or being brave with a bold new color, you can uplift your entire curb appeal with a simple can of paint. You can choose to coordinate the front of your home by painting the garage to match the shutters, or stick with a neutral, natural shade like mahogany or tan.

Consider adding hardware to your garage door once the paint has dried. Old carriage handles can add a touch of vintage elegance to the fresh coat of paint, or add a shadow painting for a real creative touch.

Repave Your Driveway

Repaving your driveway serves two functions. First, the cleanliness of a freshly paved driveway is great for the aesthetic of your curb appeal, but secondly – and most importantly – fresh pavement will reduce the damage done to your car caused by potholes and cracks in your original driveway.

Water damage is one of the main causes of erosion, and the spider web of cracks you may see in your driveway now can mean further damage is on its way if the problem is not fixed. But before you dive into the pavement project, consult with a professional for pricing and make sure you have permission from your neighborhood association to do the project. You can prepare for the pavement by trimming and edging your lawn around your driveway, and cleaning out the worst of the cracks with a broom.

Edge Your Driveway

With or without new pavement, decorative edging or curbing can significantly improve your driveway’s curb appeal. Adding a curb to your driveway can reduce the amount of water runoff from your lawn, protecting the pavement from cracks and potholes, and it will also give you a clean line of sight for backing in and out.

Belgian stone and brick are some of the most common stones used to edge a driveway because of their sleek look and easy maintenance, and they each offer a unique appeal to personalize your driveway.

Build a Berm

Beyond your driveway, you can improve your curb appeal by adding some unique beauty to your lawn. Building a decorative or gardening berm, especially near the driveway, will greatly improve your curb appeal.

Berms can be set apart with mulch, or you can incorporate a theme throughout your yard by lining it with the same stones you used to edge your driveway. Berms are an easy way to add a little landscaping to your front yard, and you can even build your berm along the edge of your driveway to emphasize the curbing and the detail.


One of the easiest ways to improve your curb appeal is to finish up a few maintenance tasks around the exterior of your home. Replacing damaged shingles on your roof, cleaning your gutters, and trimming your lawn are all great Saturday morning tasks to finish off once your dressed up new driveway is finished.

Your driveway curb appeal should be an extension of you and your aesthetic, so remember to use designs and items that match your style. At Whirl, each of our decorative curbing projects is unique to our clients, and we can help you design the curb appeal you want to stand out from the crowd.

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