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4 Must-Have Gazebo Accessories

By Whirl Construction (398 words)
Posted in Gazebos/Shelters/Shades on August 3, 2018

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Do you already have a gazebo that you’re not taking advantage of? Maybe you’re doing your research to make sure your new gazebo will be everything you want it to be. Either way, it’s time to optimize your gazebo with 4 must-have gazebo accessories!

Comfortable Seating

A gazebo without seating (or with uncomfortable seating) will never be used as much as you’d like. Tailor your gazebo seating to fit your plans. If you’d like to use the gazebo more for dining, include a comfortable dining set with room to expand when entertaining. If you prefer to sit in the gazebo for conversation, you may want to include more relaxed seating options like an outdoor couch and loveseat.

Ceiling Fan / Heater

You can control a lot of things, but you can’t control the weather. If you live somewhere with hot summers or cold winters, consider investing in a ceiling fan or a heater to keep your space comfortable when the weather is not perfect. A gazebo with a ceiling fan or heater is a welcome refuge from harsh weather, which gives you another excuse to spend time there.

Lighting & Screens

Extend the use of your gazebo with proper lighting, so you can spend evenings outdoors without straining your eyes. Then, since you’re going to the trouble of installing lighting anyway, take steps to make it extra-functional. Install dimmers so you can set the light to varying degrees depending on your needs. This is a great way to have light without welcoming all the bugs in the yard to the gazebo. Of course, if you really want to get rid of bugs in your gazebo, you can install screens. Screened in gazebos are excellent for enjoying the outdoors without fighting off bugs.

Fireplace / Hot Tub / Outdoor Kitchen

Need another reason to use your gazebo? Go all out and add a fireplace, hot tub, or outdoor kitchen. Adding a functional focal point to your gazebo will encourage you to take advantage of the space, but it will also lead to increased entertainment opportunities.

If you love gazebos, check out our 5 favorite backyard gazebos and our complete guide to gazebo landscaping.

Still need to buy your own gazebo? Learn more about Whirl Construction or contact us to let us help build your perfect backyard gazebo.

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