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4 Ways to Incorporate Music into Your Playground

By Whirl Construction (453 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on November 10, 2017

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Entice children to your playground with all senses. It’s not just a physical space – you can delight them by adding sound, or music, into the mix here, too. There’s plenty to do to incorporate musical elements into the design and feel of your playground. Today we cover some of the more popular options out there today.

1. Big xylophones

Big xylophones have been a fun musical element in playgrounds around the world for some time now. Kids just love playing around with these, striking each rung to produce a different new sound. They are popular with kids of all ages and may even spark an interest in piano playing. Ensure that placement of xylophones is at the right height and size depending on the age group you’re focusing on. You might even like to add different sizes and heights to appeal to everyone.

2. Instrument walls

Instrument walls are a good way to display a number of musical elements all in the same area. If you have instrument walls composed of different items, kids can work together to create a mini orchestra. This might comprise of flipping tube instruments that sound like a slide whistle, maraca type instruments, and even electric elements - when you press the buttons sound is produced. You might like to travel around to other playgrounds to see what type of instrument walls they have for inspiration.

3. Large drum sets

What kid doesn’t love banging on drums? Big bongo type drums and cymbals excite children, and they’re also great for parents to demonstrate on – to their delight as well. There are specific drums designed for playgrounds that are more child friendly than your average drum kit, so be sure to choose drums that are hard wearing and produce less sound than the real thing!

4. Outdoor speakers

Create a mood by drifting music over the entirety of your playground by installing rugged type speakers around the place. You can choose your own playlists to set the mood, but be sure that the music level isn’t set too high. You want it to be light background noise rather than overpowering the playground. Also make sure that you change up the music frequently to avoid playing the same thing over and over again.

Ask us at Whirl Construction for more ideas about how you can incorporate music into your playground design. We have the most experience in creating exciting playgrounds for both children and adults that seek to delight their senses and learn about different aspects of the world around them. If you’re ready to get started on your playground design then make an appointment with us to start putting together the ideal playground for your space.

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