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4 Ways to Prevent Littering in Your Local Park

By Whirl Construction (435 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on June 8, 2017

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There is nothing more unsightly than a beautiful local park that is covered in trash. Empty juice boxes, paper bags, old apple cores, even beer bottles can really make a park look uninviting.

It’s for this reason that we should seek to reduce littering in our local parks. Whether you are involved with the upkeep of the park, or you are just a concerned local citizen, you can keep your local parks looking clean and beautiful . Here are 4 ways to prevent littering in your local park.

#1: Put up signs about littering

The first step to prevent littering is to put up signs saying don’t litter and the possible ramifications of littering in your park (i.e. fines). Most (not all) people will pay attention to them. Install anti-littering signs at key points around the park, such as entry ways, paths, and picnic tables. The more they stand out, the easier they will be for people to read.

#2: Install (more) trash receptacles

Perhaps your local park simply doesn’t have enough trash receptacles and people have to go out of their way to reach one. People are inherently lazy – if they have to walk an extra 100 steps to a bin then they just may not. Place bins near entryways and where people congregate, as well as along pathways.

#3: Make sure your trash receptacles are being emptied regularly

There’s no point in having a lot of bins in your local park if they are always overflowing with rubbish! Although people will usually just pop their trash atop the pile, this will often overflow. If there is a breeze blowing then it’s sure to get strewn around the park - not a good look at all.

#4 Have a cleanup team in place

If you find that your park is full of garbage, organize a cleanup team to pick up all the trash. A team once a week or two weeks from the local community who comes in to clean up rubbish can make quite a difference. It is also a great way to meet some new people in the local community!

If you don’t have enough trash receptacles for your park, Whirl Construction can help. We have options when it comes to trash receptacles, and can install as many as you need. We also provide communities with curbing, benches, playgrounds, bleachers, and other amenities typically found in a local park. Reach out to find out what solutions we can provide you with for your local outdoor space – that’s also going to be trash free!

Comments (1)

David Cartwright posted on: July 24, 2020

Can you please send a copy of the 4 ways to prevent litter at your state park to Hickory run state park complex Hyway 534 albrightville PA.

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