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4 Ways to Use a Shade Shelter for Community Events

By Whirl Construction (449 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on December 5, 2017

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If you are looking to hold community events in your park, you should consider installing a shade shelter. This shaded area encourages people to gather underneath to chat or eat, while still enjoying the outdoor atmosphere. We’ve compiled a list of four ways to use shade shelters to host community events in your park.

1. Lunches in the park

Community lunch in the park is a great event for people of all ages. It gives neighbors and those living in the greater surrounds a chance to socialize and get to know each other. A larger shade shelter would be ideal if you’d like to bring together the entire community.

Who will provide lunch? Try out these ideas:

  • Potluck - let everyone bring a dish!

  • Have the lunch catered by a local restaurant

  • Schedule food trucks to come to the park that day

  • Host an on-site BBQ

2. Bake sale fundraisers

Bake sales are a fun way to make money for community groups, such as those raising money for particular causes, school groups, or other reasons. People involved in the bake sale can set up shop under the shade structure and make sales from there. They are kept out of the sun while on their feet (or seated) for many hours at a time, whereas customers are free to meander about the park, enjoying their treats.

3. Enrolment station for fun runs

Does your town or city do fun runs? A shade shelter in your park would be the perfect place to do enrolments, before the run kicks off from your park. If it’s a circular route, people can then relax in the park and surrounds, with booths set up for refreshments. Volunteers can help with registering all runners in one central, easy to locate spot within the park.

4. School sports coordination center

Would you like to see school sporting events held in your park? Do you have the right space for it? In this case, the shade structure can make a great coordination center on the day, where all the operations run from.

Whirl Construction has been in the playground and park construction business for a very long time – which means we have the expertise to recommend the best shade shelter for your outdoor space. If you are thinking about putting up a shade structure in your park, come to us for the best advice. We offer consultation and construction across the tri-state area, and have a gallery full of playgrounds, parks, and structures to back up our claims as one of the best in the business. Check it out to see what you think!

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