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5 Advantages of Synthetic Turf

By Whirl Construction (551 words)
Posted in Decorative Curbing on August 8, 2013

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The Benefits of Synthetic TurfSynthetic turf can be greatly beneficial to a variety of projects whether they are indoor or outdoor. This surface is a man-made substance that is reminiscent of grass without the effort one would put into the care of growing a lawn or field. Many sports arenas and parks utilize synthetic turf as it can save on costs to maintain as opposed to real grass. For your next outdoor project, why should you consider using a synthetic turf as opposed to growing real grass?

1. No Watering

Once synthetic turf is placed, it requires absolutely no water. Depending on the area you plan on covering, this could save yourself a great deal of money in water usage. As many areas face restrictions due to droughts, this turf could be considered your way of conserving water while providing a green surface that many can enjoy as it is safe to run and play on.

2. Low Maintenance

Synthetic turf doesn't require a great deal of maintenance in comparison to real grass. This could save you a great deal of money as you would not need to spend it on aspects such as:

  • Man-hours for mowing
  • Gasoline for lawn mowers and trimmers
  • Area downtime from lawn care
  • Fertilizers, pesticides and other sprays for living care

3. Green Year Round

Unlike real grass, synthetic turfs will stay green all year long. This can help keep an area looking attractive without the browning of a traditional lawn. Regardless if the weather is extremely hot or very cold, the synthetic turf will retain its realistic color in virtually any situation.

4. Even Play

Living fields can be subjected to spots and patches where balls roll unevenly. This is a common occurrence on golf courses and other fields that are subjected to harsh changing weather patterns. A layer of synthetic turf makes the field a completely even experience which allows a sporting activity to be determined by personal skill and not imperfections within the field of play.

5. Money Saving

Including the above points of no watering or maintenance, a synthetic turf can save you a great deal of money in landscaping fees. The only real maintenance that one of these plots may possibly experience in the future would be repairs from possible damage. As most turfs are highly durable, the chances of having to repair damage are remote. Essentially, a synthetic turf can be placed and forgotten about for a great deal of time without spending additional money on care.

Synthetic turf can go a long way to save yourself a great deal of time and money. It is a quick and easy way to provide a green area without the painstaking task of cultivating the area and monitoring growth. It is a low-maintenance alternative that can be appealing to the eye in order to add a "nature" look to your project. Take a closer look at what synthetic turf can do for you and determine for yourself if the savings is worth the investment.

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