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5 Benefits of Poured in Place Rubber Playground Surfaces

By Whirl Construction (597 words)
Posted in Safety Surfaces on January 10, 2014

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Poured in Place Safety Surfaces by WhirlCompared to the gravel or black-top surfaces of yesteryear, innovative technology now provides consumers, commercial businesses or public facilities with poured rubber surface options that offer a number of benefits. Create an outdoor space that is not only attractive and functional, but also feature eco-friendly attributes and long-term, economical savings. Visit with one of the experts at Whirl Construction for all of your outdoor surface needs.

Limitless Design Options

Whether you prefer traditional blacktop or a specific color, poured in place rubber surfaces allow for a wide range of options. On a school playground, for example, the surface might boast the school colors or a beloved mascot. When installed on a public playground, the surface might contain colorful, eye-catching patterns or a color that blends well into the existing landscape. Use multicolored surfaces for creating pathways or for separate playground areas. The size and shape of each area is also easily customizable.


Made from recycled rubber, the product itself is much less expensive compared to other rubberized surfaces. Quickly installed, the option also saves on labor costs. There is no product or money wasted when conforming to uneven ground or high-fall risk areas. Poured rubber easily adjusts for thickness variances or less than optimal landscape levels. Outside of the rare occasion where a small area may require repairing, in the long-term, poured rubber surfaces also feature zero maintenance year round. The solid rubber surface also lasts much longer compared to other materials.

High Degree of Safety

Tiles or rolled surfaces may come loose, separate and lift at the seams, creating possible hazards. Poured rubber surfaces do not present this problem. With loose fill materials, continued traffic reduces the density of the material and the cushioning properties under high-risk regions. Poured rubber never compacts or shifts over time regardless of the amount of traffic. Additionally, poured in place rubber is easy to clean when needed, is not abrasive and prevents microbial growth.

Year Round Accessibility

The unified surface of poured rubber accommodates foot or wheel traffic. The seamless, non-slip surface accommodates little feet or wheelchairs whether implemented on playgrounds or parking lots. Provide cushion and a low-maintenance surface at skate parks. Being porous, the surface also quickly dries, as moisture trickles through the rubber to the soil below. This characteristic means children have access to playgrounds even after a summer's rain with no mud or puddles.

Environmentally Friendly

The rubber comes from 100 percent recycled tires or other materials, which means less accumulated waste in landfills or toxic fumes from incineration. Ground to a fine consistency, the rubber combines with a non-toxic polyurethane binding agent, which creates a semi-solid substance for easy pouring, contouring and depth control. As the surface quickly drains when exposed to moisture, water tables are unaffected, which enhances water conservation.

Whether a home-owner, community or school administrator, or a business owner thinking about refurbishing an outdoor space, discover the options available at Whirl Construction. Let our professionals talk with you about surfaces that best meet your requirements. Visit us and explore some of the many design and construction options that we offer.

Comments (5)

Correy Smithe posted on: June 11, 2015

The outdoor playground that my kids play at has poured in place rubber ground. For me it was new to see that type of ground because as a kid I was always used to mulch or even grass. How is this poured in place rubber ground environmental friendly?

Ammy posted on: July 21, 2017

Thank you for sharing this blog and agree with all the points of rubber playground surface. It is cheap and safe for kids because it is not slippery. Especially for playing area you need this for kids because it is very smooth.

Denial Martin posted on: April 17, 2018

It's very beneficial blog post. I like your blog post.
thank you for sharing us

Julie Anderson posted on: April 30, 2020

Hi much per sq foot and who can I get to put it down

Julie Anderson posted on: April 30, 2020

Hi much per sq foot and who can I get to put it down

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