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5 Essential Commercial Park Furniture Sets

By Whirl Construction (770 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on September 23, 2015

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Parks are more than just swing sets and basketball courts. Each commercial park provides amenities that make it possible for children, families, and all members of your community to enjoy a public space outdoors. One of the most important amenities of any park is the commercial park furniture set.

Commercial site amenities make it possible for your park space to be used appropriately and conveniently by offering visitors places to sit, eat, gather, and play. When it comes to installing furniture in your park, these are our recommendations for the 5 essential commercial park furniture sets you need to install in your public park.



What is a park without a park bench? Not only do they give parents a strategic place to sit, relax, and keep an eye on their children but park benches also provide a warm welcome to park visitors by providing them with a place to sit and enjoy the public space.

Installing benches in your commercial park is a necessity, especially if you want neighbors to visit your park regularly and use its facilities, but installing the right amount of benches can be tricky. Too many benches will take up space and clog the otherwise beautifully manicured park, while too little benches will deter people from visiting. Find a healthy balance with your park by analyzing how much space you have compared to how many people are living nearby.



Along with a place to sit, a tabletop also encourages people and neighbors to visit your park and use its facilities for all sorts of events. Installing furniture sets that include tables will open up your park up for a plethora of activities, from birthday parties, to game nights, to picnics.

Tables give visitors a place to set up, stay, and enjoy company outdoors, and when you install furniture that encourages group activity, more and more people will be inclined to visit your park. There are a range of tabletop options in commercial park furniture sets, giving you the option to build big with lots of seating or keep it small for more intimate interactions.

You may even want to consider building smaller tables for the children who play in your park while installing large picnic tables for adults and large groups.

Bike Racks


Go green and install bike racks as part of your commercial park furniture set. Children and adults of all ages ride bicycles, and riding your bike to the park is often a rite of passage for many young kids.

Installing a bike rack will give visitors a safe and secure space to park their bike, and it will encourage more visitors to stop by without driving, which will greatly reduce the pollutants in your neighborhood. It will also keep kids and their families healthy and active, and you will promote a healthier lifestyle when you keep one or two bike racks in your neighborhood park.

Sport and Play Equipment


Ask yourself what kind of park you are designing before deciding on what kind of equipment you want to install. Sports equipment can include everything from basketball courts, soccer goals, volleyball nets, and even training equipment for CrossFit and other intense exercise programs.

Commercial parks with walking trails benefit greatly from this kind of equipment scattered along the path, giving visitors opportunities to diversity their workouts, while basketball courts and soccer goals give children and teams space to practice and play. Speaking of play, your commercial park may cater to more families, meaning you will want to install more play equipment like see-saws and spring riders over sport equipment.

Litter Receptacles


Finally, guarantee that the beauty of your park is maintained by installing litter receptacles around your park. Public parks are spaces for picnics, large get-togethers, and other events that can create a lot of unwanted trash and litter.

Providing litter receptacles for your visitors encourages them to use your space, but it also emphasizes the fact that it needs to be kept clean. Give your visitors the chance to be proactive about their use of your space by building enough litter receptacles. You don’t want to build too many as that can take away from the beauty and function of your public park, but you want to build enough - and in convenient locations - so that visitors will be less inclined to litter.

As you design your park, remember to keep comfort and cleanliness in mind. These decisions will influence what kind of furniture sets you decide to install and how your visitors will best use them. 

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