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5 Retaining Wall Ideas

By Whirl Construction (407 words)
Posted in Retaining Walls/Pavers on June 7, 2016

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Thinking about installing a retaining wall in your pre-landscaped area? They can be a great way to highlight certain areas of the property, or make the site more stable for use.

Here are 5 retaining wall ideas to consider.

A tiered area

Does your space slope all the way down to one point? Rather than levelling off and putting in stairs at the high end, you might like to consider putting in a series of retaining walls to make your area tiered. Each tier can be as wide or as thin as you like. The effect breaks up the area into many different sections and can look amazing when viewed from the top or bottom of the property.

Inbuilt seating

If you know that you need seating in an area, one way to get it that doesn’t involve installing traditional benches involves building a retaining wall and installing the seat right into the wall. It makes for a more secluded and cozy seat than the regular types.

A throwback to nature

If you’re contemplating adding a retaining wall, why not look at a natural finish to blend in with the surrounding landscape? Ideas range from large, irregular boulders to construct the wall, to a bamboo cladding if you are going for a more tropical look.

A feature sunken area

There’s nothing that defines a space more than a feature sunken area. Hauling out dirt from a middle area, adding retaining walls around the sides, and installing something interesting in the center will draw the focal point of your property to the sunken area. You might like to fill it with picnic tables, for a thoroughly useful area, a playground, for the kids to play on, a sculpture, if it’s an art park, or simply have it empty, with seating around the outside for a performing arts space.

A level playground

If you are putting a playground into your space, then you will need to consider the gradient of the ground before starting to install it. Playgrounds should generally be flat for the ground, so to avoid kids trips and falls. The easiest way to level off a playground is to install retaining walls on the lower sides of the playground area and fill the top so that it is level, before you start the install.

Retaining walls can be as simple and boring, or as elaborate and decorative as you like – the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration is your space and your budget.

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