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5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Commercial Bike Rack

By Whirl Construction (478 words)
Posted in Site Amenities on March 21, 2016

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Are you thinking about putting in a bike rack in your commercial space? Bike racks can be a great encouragement for people to get out there and get fit, and can even encourage more use of your area.

Before buying a commercial bike rack, here are 5 things you need to ask yourself before getting yourself a new set of racks. 

1. Are they going to be seen by people in the area?

You will need to think carefully about what position your put your racks in, in your commercial space. Make sure that they are easily accessible for riders. You will also need to put them in a well lit and well frequented area to reduce the chances of being stolen or vandalized.

2. Will the racks need protection from the elements?

Do you live somewhere where it is often raining? Bikes left out in the rain will, over time, become rusty, and people will not want to use your exposed racks because of this. If the weather in your town is seasonal, then look to providing an undercover area where the bike racks are located. A simple roof over the racks will go a long way.

3. What should the distance between your racks be?

How much space do you have to play within your area? If there is quite a bit of room, you might like to consider some well spaced, funky, contemporary racks to complement your space. If you don’t have a lot of room, you will be more limited in choice, and will likely have to go for a traditional style of rack.

4. Where are the other facilities?

Put your bike racks in a location that makes other facilities in the area easy to access. This might be at the entry and exit points of your space, near building facilities such as bathroom blocks, cafes, doorways, etc., or it might be next to outside facilities such as picnic areas, sports courts, or seating.

5. Are lockers more appropriate?

Bike lockers can take up a lot more room than bike racks, but in some cases they will be more appropriate than simple bike racks. If the area that your commercial space is in has extreme weather conditions, or is an area known for being unsafe with a high theft rate, then individual completely enclosed lockers may be more appropriate for your situation. These will come with a much higher price tag, though.

Installing a commercial bike rack

Installing a bike rack outside of your office building or any commercial space is a great idea to encourage healthy lifestyles and also accommodate commuters to bike to work. Once you've figured out where you want to install the bike racks, contact a professional commercial construction company to install your site amenities! 

Comments (1)

John Carston posted on: June 20, 2016

It seems like installing a commercial bike would make organizing the bicycle situation in my apartment complex much easier. At the moment there isn't enough space to accommodate all the bikes in use by everyone in the apartment and I think the questions you've asked in this post would be applicable in finding a solution. I'll have to share this post with my landlord to see what he thinks. Thanks for the helpful info.

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