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6 Tips for Backyard Spring Cleanup

By Whirl Construction (478 words)
Posted in Decorative Curbing on April 25, 2017

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Spring has sprung! Which means that it’s time to clean up the yard after ignoring it for most of the wintertime. Follow our 6 tips for backyard spring cleanup to get your yard ready for the beautiful weather to come!

Tip 1: Trim those branches

With winter behind us, the trees around your yard may have some cracks and breaks. This means that it’s time for a tidy up again. Prune where you have had breakages to ensure that your trees are nice again for spring.

Tip 2: Trim the lawn

Now is the time to get your lawn looking healthy and beautiful after the winter storms it may have endured. Trim your lawn and give it some fertilizer if it’s looking a bit sad.  And now that the sun is coming out, it’ll be green and luscious again before you know it!

Tip 3: Clean those gutters

We know that the leaves have fallen off the trees during the fall and winter months. Where did they go? Into your gutters, along with other debris. Hiring a specialist who uses safety equipment to clean gutters is the easiest way to tackle this project. If you decide to do it yourself then you must remember to be safe. Always have a spotter at the bottom of the ladder. Grab the leaves out with gardening gloves, and then rinse out with a hose.

Tip 4: Plant springtime seedlings

Spring is the time when flowers are out in full bloom and everything becomes green and bright and beautiful again. Pick up seedlings from a local gardening center or nursery and get to planting flowers that are going to thrive in the springtime. You’ll have full blooms before you know it and your neighbors, friends, and family will all be admiring your green thumb.

Tip 5: Think about getting yourself a composting system

Recycling is something that everyone can do in their own homes. If you don’t already have a composting system, you can pick one up from your local gardening center. These systems take your old food scraps and turn them into brilliant fertilizer for your garden that you can use throughout the year. You can even put old leaves into your compost, from those that you’ve raked from your garden.

Tip 6: Add outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting encourages the use of your backyard in the evenings, which is perfect for entertaining when the weather is nice. Choose from battery, AC, or solar and place lighting strategically throughout your yard to best highlight the most beautiful parts of your garden, as well as entertaining areas and pathways.

If you are looking to add some decorative curbing to your garden in spring then think Whirl Construction. We have a beautiful range of curbing and finishes to suit any backyard, with friendly service and great prices.

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