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6 Ultimate Public Playgrounds

By Whirl Construction (511 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on January 4, 2017

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There are some pretty amazing playgrounds kicking about all over the world. When you combine art and function then you get some really cool results. Where can you find the coolest public playgrounds in the world? We’ve wrapped up 6 of the most impressive public playgrounds that you can find in all corners of the globe.

1. Billy Johnson Playground, NYC

Central Park is full of amazing public playgrounds for kids, but the Billy Johnson Playground stands out due to its symbiosis with the natural environment around it. The wooden fittings and stone surrounds make it look like it is right out of a fairytale book. Combine this with the uber cool stone slide that runs down the back of the playground and you’ve got a winner.

2. Water Playground, Poland

The Water Playground in Tychy, Poland runs along next a stretch of river in an impressive figure eight shape. While we often think of Poland as cold, it can really heat up in the summer months. The water park features several water features for splashing about and is lit up with LED lights into the evening, making for a cool night adventure.

3. Walhalla, Netherlands

This interesting playground makes the most out of a small amount of space. Rather than sprawling in width, the playground builds up, offering an interesting maze like structure, within the confines of a metal grating so that no kiddies can fall off and hurt themselves.

4. Bounce Below, Wales

How about a playground in a cave? At Bounce Below, there is a huge playground set up in an old mine with netting, trampolines, and slides. All this is suspended (safely) above the floor of the mine which is an impressive 180 feet below!

5. MonstroCity, St. Louis

If you like your playgrounds environmentally friendly, then check out MonstroCity in St. Louis. The entire park is built from recycled materials, including a couple of airplanes! The park fuses modern design with cool reclaimed elements, and even has a super fun ball pit.

6. Fairfield Adventure Park, Australia

If it’s towering great slides that you’re looking for, then Fairfield Adventure Park in New South Wales, Australia has it. Also featuring towering netting, inbuilt trampoline pits, and a 33 meter flying fox, this park has been a hit with kids of all ages wanting to come out and try the excellent facilities.

Whirl Construction are here to help the dream of your perfect public playground come true. We work with both private companies, as well as councils, in helping to build fun, safe playgrounds all over the tri state area. We have been in business since 1982 and so have the experience and know how to help build you the best facilities for your situation.

Contact us for more information about how we can help to build your ultimate public playground – maybe one that even rivals some of these world’s best! Call us at 732 495 3715 or browse through our playgrounds online.

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