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6 Ways Having a Community Playground Benefits Your Family

By Whirl Construction (971 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on July 9, 2015

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Commercial playgrounds are not only places where children can run, jump, and play. To build a commercial playground in your community means providing your children and their friends a safe place to explore their imagination, build social skills, and stay active and healthy. Children are more likely to venture outdoors to play when they have a safe and exciting space to do so, and it gives them a chance to build up their bodies and their minds as they climb, slide, swing, and sometimes splash their way into fun.

The following commercial playground benefits will help your family and hopefully inspire you to advocate for more play equipment in your neighborhood.

Fight Childhood Obesity

According to the AAA State of Play program, nearly 13% of children and pre-teens suffer from weight issues. Overweight children are less likely to succeed in school, more likely to be bullied, and often experience from poor self-esteem and social rejection. Staying active is the best and easiest way for children to avoid obesity, and community playgrounds encourage outdoor and active play.

Taking your children to the park for a few hours every week will help them stay healthy. Oftentimes, children will avoid exercise, especially if they are told to do so by doctors or parents. But playing at the park disguises the exercise as fun and games, giving your child the opportunity to take responsibility for their active lifestyle and pursue the activities they actually want to play.

Build Social Skills

Not only do children actively engage with playground equipment, they also engage with other children who are playing. Playing on a playground helps children develop the social skills they need to succeed in school, including learning how to take turns, practicing patience, and developing a strong sense of self-control. Developing these skills early on the playground will help children succeed cognitively, academically, and help them build healthy and long-lasting friendships. Building these social skills in children is also important to the community as a whole.

When you have a commercial playground, children of different races, creeds, and economic backgrounds can all play together in a hostile-free environment. This sense of togetherness and equality will translate into understanding, compassion, and acceptance as these children grow into adults.

Use Your Imagination

Play is an important aspect of childhood development, and when young children are given the opportunity to explore and play on their own terms, they are preparing their brains for academic problem solving and social experiences. Playing is a time when kids can re-enact the things they’ve seen, whether it be from their parents or on TV, and they will start to learn right from wrong, appropriate and inappropriate, as their games progress.

Engaging with other children as they play will also help them build the social skills discussed earlier, but it also helps them develop a sense of creativity. Allowing children to explore their creative side at a young age will help them develop the cognitive skills necessary for school as well as give them a huge boost in their self-esteem.

Strengthen Self-Esteem

While imaginative play can build a strong sense of self-esteem in children, so will their interactions with others. The more they play with other children on the playground, the more they will understand their own sense of self and what they mean to others.

As they navigate their way through the swing-sets and slides, they will learn how to manage their physical skills, and as they play with other children, they will navigate their way through social relationships, learning new social cues along the way. These interactions both on and off the playground equipment provide children with opportunities to test their physical and interpersonal skills, and you can see their confidence grow the more they play.

Practice Problem Solving

Problems will arise on the playground. There may be equipment out of reach for younger children that they must work towards as they get older, and there may be tiffs on the playground between children that will need to be worked out. As events like these play out, your child will be able to try their hand at problem solving in order to come up with the best outcome.

Of course, parental guidance is sometimes required in order to moderate fights and to offer an extra lift on the monkey bars. But each of these opportunities are opportunities for children to learn, and community playgrounds are safe spaces for this type of self-exploration to happen.

Build a Sense of Community

The AAA State of Play lists community playgrounds as one of the most important amenities families look for when searching for new homes. Even businesses who are seeking to relocate rank parks as one of their top choices for nearby amenities. This is because families in neighborhoods with parks are more likely to engage in social activities outside of the home.

The community playground offers a free and safe communal space for large groups to gather, socialize, and play, and the more families involved in the planning of a park, the more likely it is to be successful.

Parks are not only for children. They offer adults the same space to relax, engage outdoors, and meet other parents and adults which can lead to fruitful and rewarding adult relationships. Community playgrounds are built on a sense of togetherness, and bringing people together in a safe space where they can exercise, play, and interact is the role of a good park.

A community playground will benefit your family in numerous ways. If you are interested in building a park in your neighborhood, you can apply for a commercial playground grant. We have information on playground grants that can help you get started here, and we offer state-of-the-art safety equipment that will protect your children and your family as you play. 

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