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7 Site Amenities Needed for Every Park

By Whirl Construction (491 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on May 10, 2017

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Building a park is more than just sticking a lawn across an empty block of land. If you want your park to be used by people, then you need to fill it with the features that people want and expect. These are our 7 must have site amenities that we think every park should have.

1. Trash Receptacles

Want to keep your park as stunning and clean as possible? Of course you do! Providing the right number of trash receptacles, and remembering to clean them often, is essential for a beautiful park. Place receptacles on routes through the park, as well as entrances, and next to other amenities.

2. Benches

What do all parks have in common? Benches! Even the most basic of parks will have at least one bench in them. Often you’ll find parents here taking a break, seniors watching the world go by, and even couples holding hands.

3. Bathroom Blocks

There is nothing worse than being out and about, enjoying a lovely day, when you need to take a bathroom break and there are none to be found. For convenience, it is highly recommended to install bathroom blocks as part of your facilities.

4. Water Fountains

Another basic human function – thirst – is remedied by the installation of water fountains. While most of us now bring a water bottle with us most places we go, sometimes we find ourselves without one. This is where the water fountain is a savior, especially on hotter days.

5. Playground

Parks are a wonderful place to take the kids, however a park with no play equipment is kind of like a house with no kitchen – it’s missing its soul! Playgrounds don’t have to be huge to be effective. Work within your budget to come up with a playground that’s perfect for kids.

6. Path Access

Think about parents with little ones in strollers. It can be hard work pushing a stroller over grassed areas if it’s not a 4x4 design, which is why path access across your park to the hot spots is not only smart, it’s essential. This is also good for wheelchair access, too, so everyone can enjoy the facilities at your park.

7. Dog Waste Bag Dispensers

If your park allows dogs in it, then you need to think about how this will affect the park too – which is why you should install dog waste bag dispensers around your site. These are very important to help keep the park dog doo clean, so that everyone can enjoy it!

Whirl Construction offers a variety of site amenities for parks including playgrounds, trash receptacles, picnic tables, benches, bleachers, grills, gym equipment and so much more. With over 25 years experience in the New Jersey area, we are the trusted names in all your park facilities. Contact us to learn how we can help you build the park you want, to your style and budget.

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