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Accent Your Swimming Pool with Decorative Curbing or Pavers

By Whirl Construction (477 words)
Posted in Retaining Walls/Pavers on August 14, 2013

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Swimming Pool Paving StonesYour swimming pool is a place where family and friends should enjoy themselves on a warm summer day. It is not a place where you want people to injure themselves on rocks or other objects that can jut from the ground near swimming areas. This is why a decorative curb or paving stones can be perfect for your swimming pool.

Curbing Acts as Effective Landscaping

It is always a good idea to add splashes of color to the exterior of your home whenever possible. When flowers don't suffice as a way to add color to your yard, you can use colorful curbing to accomplish that goal. You can use a single solid color, mix in colors as you see fit or use striped patterns to create the look that you and your family love.

Keeps Debris Out of the Pool

The last thing that you want in your pool are rocks, grass and other debris that small children or adults can transfer from their feet to the pool. With paved stones or bricks surrounding the pool, there is less of a chance for the grass in your yard to end up as grass in your pool.

A Place to Catch Some Rays

It is never fun to go from a warm swimming pool to a cold house. Those who have just used the pool can lay on their towel or directly on the warm brick surface before going into the pool. This can also be an effective area to watch your kids from if you don't want to go into the pool yourself. If you just want to be outside and off the grass, you can read a book while getting your dose of Vitamin D.

Define Where the Pool Area Starts and Ends

Having a defined barrier that cuts the pool area off from the rest of the yard is helpful when children use the pool on a regular basis. They now know where they can and cannot be without adult supervision. Adding a wall to your pool area can be another layer of defense that keeps people out when it is not safe to be in the pool alone.

Homeowners should consider landscaping near their pool for safety and aesthetic reasons. Pool users can keep their feet dry, free from debris and avoid stepping on rocks. Pool owners can feel good knowing that small children are less likely to be in the area thanks to defined area between the pool and the yard.

Comments (1)

Andrea Myers posted on: March 12, 2018

I like how you mentioned that with paved stones or bricks surrounding the pool, there is less of a chance for the grass in your yard to end up as grass in your pool. We are planning to renovate our pool, and we're thinking of putting a pool deck on it. I'll talk to my husband and advise that we should hire a paving contractor to add this to our pool

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