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Accenting Your Home through Decorative Curbing

By Whirl Construction (509 words)
Posted in Decorative Curbing on January 4, 2013

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When you're thinking of selling your home, curb appeal suddenly becomes very important. The term derives from the attractiveness of your home and property when viewed from just beyond the curb, on the street. At this time, you might take the effort to clean up your yard and garden, remove debris and paint or fix the driveway. In this way, the term has very little to do with the actual curb; however, a curb itself can add appeal, and you can renovate your yard or property at any time to give it renewed life. 


When and Where to Use Curbs

A curb doesn't just exist to separate your yard from the street. You can use it in any of the following locations:

The Benefits of Curbing

Anywhere that you'd like to define a space, a curb is useful. You can then fill the curbed off space with decorative rocks, dirt, a flowering garden or other landscaping items. A curb helps to contain the plant life or materials that you want confined to a specific location. For instance, your herbs should remain in the garden, while you don't want grass to overrun your vegetables. Shoveling in winter becomes easier with a curb to guide your hand, too.These methods work well whether you're working with a specific location, such as the area surrounding your pool or play area, or if you simply want to break up a large yard or parking lot that would otherwise be flat.

All Curbs Are Not the Same

The basic cement curbs that you see alongside sidewalks or parking lots aren't the only types available. In fact, curbs can be quite decorative. Popular design choices include bricks that interlock or lie next to one another. Rounded edges create a softer appearance and may also be preferable for areas close to children. Bricks are ideal for creating rounded, oblong or otherwise asymmetrical shapes and borders as well.

Larger blocks or bricks with unique shapes themselves go a long way to create unique and sophisticated looks for your space, no matter where you're using them. Plus, colored materials add aesthetics to what might have otherwise been a boring space.

Decorative Curbing is Versatile

There's really no shape that won't fit a curb, and you'll find curbing useful in residential settings as well as commercial properties. Homeowners often opt for brick or stone curbs, while more industrial properties suit cement curbs better. Public parks, school playgrounds and businesses that want to add a finishing touch to landscape can all benefit from discussing how a curb can add appeal whether you're moving out, moving in or simply rebranding. Approaching the subject with your construction manager might be the smartest decision you ever make, at least in regards to your curb appeal. Sometimes something so simple really can make a world of difference.

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