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Add Bleachers to Your Local Community Field or Park

By Whirl Construction (473 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on July 9, 2013

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Bleachers by Whirl ConstructionWatching your children play baseball, basketball or soccer is a great way for a parent to spend a Saturday morning or afternoon. Unfortunately, having to stand during the entire game or sit on wet grass can be a pain. By installing bleachers next to the playing surface, spectators can sit in comfort while they watch the game.

Eliminate the Need for Your Own Chair

While it is possible to bring your own chair to the park, it is easy to forget to bring that chair. When you have bleachers, everyone has a comfortable place to sit while the game is going on. Dozens of people can be seated on one set of bleachers without anyone feeling cramped or otherwise not having enough room to sit.

Wheelchair Accessibility

People who need a wheelchair to get around may not be able to access the bleachers unless they are designed to meet ADA standards. The good news is that there is seating available to those who have disabilities. This means that parents, grandparents and children can watch their family member play without having to be separated.

Rest Before Getting Back Into the Game

Bleachers positioned near a basketball court can be the perfect place to rest while you wait for your turn to get back into the game. On many public courts, it is customary to rotate teams in and out to accommodate as many players as possible who want to play. While you are playing, putting valuables underneath the seats can protect them from the sun, getting crushed by a ball or from those who may feel tempted to steal your belongings if they are left in plain sight.

Choose From a Variety of Styles and Colors

There are a variety of styles and colors for customers to choose from. This makes it easier to make a purchase that will conform with any local ordinances regarding the height or color of anything added to a public park.

Hold Rallies in the Park

Additional seating near a local field can be ideal for an outdoor pep rally or any other large event. Those who are unable to stand or need to be separated from the crowd for recognition can be seated on the bleachers where everyone can see them. Local fundraisers, political rallies and other such events can be held at a community park or playground with bleacher seating being sold for a few dollars per ticket. Having bleachers installed in a public area can be a benefit to the entire community. It is easier to sit during a youth game, is perfect for an outdoor rally and can help you keep your belongings organized while playing a pickup game at the park.

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