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All About Safety Surfaces

By Whirl Construction (486 words)
Posted in Safety Surfaces on May 31, 2012

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Safety surfaces are of vital importance to most playground locations. United States safety standards require that a safety surface be applied to playgrounds to prevent injuries to children. In addition, the safety surface must allow accessibility to individuals with disabilities. Locations using safety surfaces include playgrounds at public schools, private childcare centers, city parks, church playgrounds and other locations. 

Safety Surfaces
Safety surfaces built in at the playgrounds where children play can reduce serious and even fatal injuries. Safety surfaces should be applied under playground equipment. The playground equipment includes monkey bars, slides, swings and other types of equipment. In addition, local safety codes and insurance plans may require the installation of a safety surface in playgrounds and park areas. 

Customers can choose between several safety surface options. Choosing an option varies due to budget, geography, personal preference and local safety codes. Choices include wood fiber, rubber tiles, synthetic turf, poured in place and bonded rubber. Having knowledge concerning the various safety surface material choices can assist a customer in making the best installation decision. 

Wood Fiber

Wood fiber is a great low cost option for playground areas that require a safety surface. It looks natural and blends in well in many environments. Due to various weather elements, it will need to be replenished occasionally. 

Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles offer durability and safety. The rubber tiles are made from recycled materials, and are low maintenance. A great feature is the wide availability of colors that can be combined in a customized and attractive style. 

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf requires no maintenance or watering. This safety surface looks like healthy green grass but is created from synthetic man-made fibers. This safety surface option is quickly becoming a customer favorite choice.

Poured in Place

A poured in place rubber safety surface offers easy accessibility under the American Disability Act. This material is porous, which allows moisture to enter the safety surface. Therefore, it is a great choice for playgrounds in geographic areas that receive a lot of rain. It is a low maintenance safety surface that lasts a long time. 

Bonded Rubber

Bonded rubber is a great environmentally friendly, poured safety surface for playground areas. It is created from clean, recycled and shredded automobile tires. It offers a porous surface, while having the appearance of fiber wood. 

For more information about safety surfaces in New Jersey, contact an experienced professional at Whirl Construction!

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