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America's Coolest Playgrounds of 2012

By Whirl Construction (676 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on October 5, 2012

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Whether your family is traveling to faraway lands or languishing in your own neighborhood, it’s no secret that the biggest lifesaver on an unstructured day is a playground. Playgrounds provide kids an arena to engage in some good old-fashioned fun while being able to bond with their peers. Here is a list of some of America’s coolest playgrounds that are worthy of being destinations, rather than just a short trip that your child visits on occasion.
Adventure Playground -- Berkeley, California

If your child is a whiz at “fixing” your bathroom plumbing with an electric toothbrush and some yarn, his skills can be put to good use at Adventure Playground. Think of it as a pint-sized construction zone where kids are given the tools, then let loose to conceive, design and build anything their imaginations can conjure up. Throughout Adventure Playground’s 34 years, kids have built visionary structures out of donated wood scraps, frayed fabric, hammers and nails.

Geometry Playground – Travelingtraveling_geometry_playground_america

Turn right, turn left and stop in 20 paces. Most parents wouldn’t find it hard to get to their neighborhood park in their sleep. Now take the idea of a stationary playground, move it around and add a mathematical component. The Geometry Playground is a traveling exhibition developed by the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Its goal is to inspire kids to interactively investigate the mathematical theories of geometry. The mobile climbing structures include the 12-foot tall Gyroid and the super-sized Stack of Star. By examining, climbing on, exploring and communicating their experiences, kids develop their spatial, motor and social skills. Check the Exploratorium website to see if the Geometry Playground is stopping in your part of town.

Clemijontri Park -- McLean, Virginia

To the naked eye Clemijontri Park may look like just about any other park – albeit large. But upon closer inspection this park has been painstakingly designed to accommodate all children – including those with sensory or developmental disabilities. From ramps to high-backed swings, from rubber surfaces to low monkey bars, every child would feel welcome here. The trademark carousel sits at the center of the two-acre playground that is divided into four outdoor “rooms”. The colorful Rainbow Room integrates sign, Braille, picture and language features. The Schoolhouse & Maze Room focuses on educational learning with reading, maps, globes, time zones and clocks. The Movin and Groovin Transportation Room teaches kids the rules of the road, balance and stimulates imagination. The largest play structure area is the Fitness & Fun Room that develops kids’ physical strength, agility and builds confidence. 

Chelsea Waterside Playground -- New York, New York

This whimsical, award-winning play space is completely state-of-the-art featuring gorgeous play structures, numerous water features and two sand areas. Every feature was designed with ground access enabling kids of all ages and abilities to use the equipment. From the giant blue water sprinklers to the climbing structure with spinning action, your kids – and you – will never want to leave.

Powell Barnett Park -- Seattle, Washington

As if the lush greenery and water views of Seattle aren’t enough, this metropolis boasts a park for serious fun-seekers – both tot and not. For tots with energy and imagination, there are a number of playhouses, fire trucks, and spinning and bouncing structures. Older kids will enjoy the two-story slide and climbing web. Kids are sure to wash their hands without a fuss in the castle-shaped bathrooms. The mature trees and open green space will make you forget you’re in the middle of the city.

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