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Benefits of Safety Surfaces

By Whirl Construction (514 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on January 2, 2015

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Playgrounds are a fun and healthy way for children to get the regular playtime they need in their lives, but would you trust your child to play on a playground without a safety surface underneath?

Safety surfaces decrease the likelihood of serious injuries by providing impact resistance for falls from play structures or rough play. They come in a variety of types, such as bonded rubber, poured in place, wood fiber, synthetic turf, and rubber tiles. Each has unique qualities and considerations, but all increase safety for children using the playground. Having a safety surface in a playground carries many benefits, a few of which are outlined below. 

Decreased risk of injury

The main and most important reason for a playground to have a safety surface is the well being of the children that will play on it. Because safety surfaces are designed to reduce impact from falls, children playing on the playground are less likely to sustain an injury, and injuries they do sustain are less likely to be serious.

Aesthetic appeal

Not only are hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or soil unsafe for playgrounds, but many of them are not very pleasing to the eye. Safety surfaces can be brightly colored like the playgrounds they are installed under, and options like rubber tiles allow for pleasing patterns such as a checkerboard design to be used. Synthetic turf can look especially nice, while still offering numerous safety benefits, if the goal is a more natural look.


Unlike natural grass and other less safe playground surfaces, safety surfaces require a no watering and have a minimum of maintenance concerns. Loose-fill safety surfaces like wood fiber must merely be topped off occasionally, and other surfaces do not even have this requirement, and can be almost maintenance-free.

Year-Round Safety

With the importance of children getting adequate play time, it's a good idea to let them play on playgrounds all year round, even in winter. With other less safe playground surfaces, there can be numerous problems with this. Natural turf and soil, for example, can create mud in wet weather, which both increases danger due to to a risk of slipping, and can make a big mess of a child's clothes that parents will not be happy about cleaning up. Safety surfaces avoid this problem, providing safe play all year round.


There can be a lot of considerations to be aware of when selecting what type of safety surface is best for your playground, but remember that no matter which specific type you chose, it is important to have some kind of safety surface present under any playground. The professionals at Whirl Construction can help you make your selection and work with you to install a solid safety surface for your playground.

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