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Benefits of Synthetic Turf

By Whirl Construction (380 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on October 1, 2018

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Your playground is meant to be an oasis, but it doesn’t always look that way. Tired of fighting with your grass? Maybe you need synthetic turf. Read on to learn the benefits of synthetic turf and why it might be just what you need to bring life back to your playground.

Always Green; Even Without Watering

If you live in a dry area, you know how frustrating it is to have to water your grass all the time just to keep it from shriveling up into sad brown ugliness. You spend so much time caring for your lawn, and it still has dry patches that don’t get fully green. Things get even worse if there is a drought with water restrictions. When droughts abound, brown grass feels like the only option. Thankfully, synthetic turf requires water only to be washed occasionally, and it’s always green no matter the weather. Turns out that sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side.

No Need to Mow Your Grass

For anyone who isn’t busy watering grass, you’re probably spending all of your time mowing it instead. Heavy rains can make grass grow seemingly overnight leading to multiple mows per week in some regions. Paying a professional to mow the playground grass all the time certainly adds up. But synthetic turf doesn’t have to be mowed. Ditch the lawn mower and opt for synthetic turf to save money.

Beautiful Synthetic Turf; Synthetic Weeds Not Included

Fighting weeds is a constant struggle, and the overflowing dandelion patch is driving you crazy. Save your sanity by switching to synthetic turf and you won’t ever have to worry about weeds again. Neighborhood children will be able to play on a perfectly manicured lawn every day. Added benefit? You won’t have to worry about kids spreading dandelion wishes all over the lawn because there won’t be a single stray dandelion to tempt them.

Synthetic turf isn’t entirely maintenance free, but it takes a lot less work than traditional grass. Plus, it’s still very comfortable and durable to keep up with the demands of your busy playground.

Thinking about using synthetic turf on a playground? Learn more about choosing the right playground surface material and what you should put under playground equipment.

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