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Commercial Skate Park Installation

By Whirl Construction (496 words)
Posted in Skateparks on November 12, 2013

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Skate Parks by Whirl ConstructionSkate parks are being built in more and more communities throughout the United States. A skate park can be a place where kids can go after school or during school breaks. It gives them something to do that will keep them entertained while also placing them in a safe environment.

Customize Your Skate Park

There are many different pieces that can be included in a skate park. Some popular pieces include half pipes, rails and boxes. These pieces can be assembled in a variety of designs to create an entertaining park while also conserving space. Once the park is built, it is up to the skater's imagination to come up with different routines and trick combinations.

Building a Skate Park

Skate parks can be built near schools, public parks or in an abandoned parking lot. With proper supervision, skating is a safe activity for anyone old enough to stay upright while on their skates. Skating on rollerblades during the spring and summer months can be a good way for hockey players to hone their skating skills during the offseason.

Budget Friendly

Whether you want to build an extravagant park or something for the kids to use after school, we can design something that will fit every budget. In some communities, there may not be a lot of money to renovate or add a skate park to a playground or to a local park. However, this shouldn't prevent kids and other skaters from having someplace safe where they can skate legally.

Hold Skate Tournaments

Your community skate park can hold tournaments and competitions throughout the year. Competitions are a fun and entertaining way for skaters of all abilities to test their skills against other skaters. Prizes can be handed out for best trick, best trick combo and anything else that would test the skill of the skater in a fun way.

Skaters should always wear knee pads, elbow pads and helmets whenever they are skating. A simple slip and fall could turn into a more serious injury without such protection. Mouthguards may also be beneficial for young skaters or anyone who has extensive dental work that could become loose or cracked after a hard fall.

Skate parks are a great thing for the community. Kids will have someplace safe to skate, parents know where their kids are and the local park can hold tournaments to raise money for the school district or other charities. Overall, spending money on a skate park is an investment that will pay for itself many times over during its useful life.

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