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Complete Guide to Gazebo Landscaping

By Whirl Construction (453 words)
Posted in Gazebos/Shelters/Shades on February 6, 2018

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Gazebo landscaping can be a challenge, particularly if you’re starting from scratch. We’ve compiled our best tips and tricks for gazebo landscaping to help bring your outdoor space to life, regardless of your experience level. Read on for our complete guide to gazebo landscaping and get ready to transform your space.

Choose Focal Points First

Before you start mapping out your landscaping project, consider how the space will be used and viewed. You should always plan your landscape so that the gazebo will be a beautiful focal point from the lawn or main building, but this isn’t the only focal point in your design. You should also have a secondary focal point that is the primary view from within the gazebo. Because gazebos are open on all sides, it can be difficult to determine a primary focus. If the gazebo sits near the edge of your property or you have a smaller budget, you may want to focus the view back towards the lawn or main building so that you can optimize your resources. If, however, you have a beautiful view behind the gazebo, take advantage of this and make it a second focal point.

Landscaping The View Of The Gazebo

Your landscaping should draw the eye (and the traveler) to the gazebo from the lawn or main building. You can go all out with a formal garden or consider a simple stone or mulch path through the lawn. You may want to consider removing large plants or trees that obstruct the view of the gazebo, particularly if you are landscaping a public use space where people won’t know the gazebo is there if it isn’t visible. On the other hand, you don’t want your gazebo to look out of place so consider planting a small tree near the gazebo to soften its appearance - especially if the gazebo is not backed against a fence or treeline.

Landscaping Around the Gazebo

Create a colorful array of plants around your gazebo. Be sure to choose plants of varying heights that bloom at different times of the year. Add window boxes for extra pops of color. Hanging plants are also a great addition and can be used to frame the primary view from your gazebo.

The Gazebo Interior

Choose furniture that fits the gazebo’s ideal use. Picnic tables, dining sets, patio furniture, hammocks, and swings are all popular options. Be sure to orient the furniture for the best view from the gazebo. Consider adding alternate seating around the perimeter to allow for increased use during parties or events. Lanterns and a ceiling fan are great for extending the use of your space.

Need the perfect gazebo for your space? Let us help.

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