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Coolest Playgrounds Around the World

By Whirl Construction (555 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on June 3, 2014

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Everyone knows about summer vacation, but those two words are especially exciting if you’re a child, or a child at heart. Summer means hours spent on the playground swingset, zipping on the zipline, or climbing to the top of your tree fort. With the playful exploration of childhood as their inspiration, many park designers have built elaborate - sometimes exotic - playgrounds to accommodate the different desires of playful children. The following are some of the coolest playgrounds you can find all over the world.

Toa Payoh Lorong 6, Singapore
The children’s playground in Singapore’s Toa Payoh Town Park is designed around a large, climb-able dragon. His body snakes through the play set, giving children the opportunity to climb both inside and outside of him. The playground itself is surrounded by a landscape display of bamboo and willows, and there is a carp pond nearby that becomes a wonderful waterfall.


Water Playground, Poland
There’s nothing better for summer heat than a large sprinkler system, and if it so happens to be situated in a children’s playground - even better! The water playground located in Tychy, Poland was built with both the natural landscape and the children in mind. The peanut-shape of its sprinkler sets allowed the city to keep all of the naturally growing trees in the area, and the whimsically wet design of the play set itself contours to the silly imagination of any child.


The Brumleby, Copenhagen
This twisted and silly play set is a nod back to the 19th century décor of old Copenhagen, but its playfully crooked houses are anything but antiquated. Everything is climb-able and play-able. There are slides from the windows, climbing grips on the walls, and there are bridges from each of the 4 houses, giving children ample room to run, climb, and play. Nearby, the city constructed a set of swings that offer children and their parents a great view of the park and the surrounding neighborhood.


Monster’s Footsteps, China
Literally shaped like a pair of a large, pink monster’s feet, the designers of this playground were looking for a way to help children (and adults) enter into a world of pure whimsy. There are no slides or swings at this park, only sunken and sloping space that opens the playground up to a world of imaginative possibilities. Whether it’s chasing a ball through the dips and curves of the footprint, or trying to line up toys in a straight line against one of its slopes, this playground inspires the freedom of fun in everyone who visits it.


Adventure Playground, California
This playground in Berkeley literally lets a child’s imagination run wild. The play set itself is built by children, for children, each and every time they come out to play. Kids are given hammers, nails, and saws to build their own slides, swing sets, zip lines, forts, and whatever else they can fathom during their play hour.


You can take your children to these playgrounds so that they can play, or you can even go there by yourself just to marvel at their architectural wonder. Who said growing old has to mean growing up anyway?

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