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Decorating Curbing: How to improve the Curb Appeal of your Home

By Whirl Construction (666 words)
Posted in Decorative Curbing on September 14, 2012

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"Curb Appeal" is a term used by real estate agents, developers and construction companies alike to describe how valuable and attractive a property looks from the curb. This includes both the exterior appearance of the property and the visible amenities, such as nearby playgrounds, road access and subterranean power lines. This instant visual appeal adds more value to the final sale price than almost anything else (location is still #1) because it is an aspect that can be easily shown in an advertisement or drive by. Therefore it is important for property owners to maintain a high curb appeal if they intend to sell their property at some point. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate coming home to an attractive, appealing house.


The most important way you can maintain the curb appeal is to maintain the exterior appearance. If your building has an exterior, ensure that it is professionally washed on a regular basis, and that the siding is professionally maintained and repaired. Stucco and wood need to be washed, aluminum and vinyl need to be pressure-washed. If you have a lawn, ensure that it is properly watered, cut and fertilized so that it looks a proper shade of green. If you have trees on your property, remove damaged or dead limbs and rake the leaves. If those trees shade the grass, be certain you plant a type of grass which can handle shade, or else replace the grass with mulch or gravel. While not as attractive as fresh, green grass, when it is too shady for green grass to grow there, mulch looks much better. If you have any outdoor equipment, especially playground equipment, ensure that it is freshly painted and rust-free.

Another way you can improve curb appeal is through tasteful decoration. Lawn ornaments and garden gnomescurb_appeal_1.jpg are a no-no if overdone, but an appropriately decorative mailbox holder is a good idea. If you have a long driveway, decorative lamp posts are also ideal. You can use curb appeal to spice up your decorative curbing. Curb appeal decorative curbing is subtle, but can help to accent a brick driveway, a well designed lawn, or a path from the driveway or sidewalk to the door. The key is to make sure that the decorations are simple and subtle leaving neighbors jealous and future owners with lots of room to expand. Noisy accents with bright colors or unusual design choices should be avoided, since they tend to narrow the acceptable tastes of potential buyers.

Another often neglected area is the roof and gutters. Backed up gutters will ruin your siding and contribute to dangerous rot, as well as create visible damage. Cleaning out your gutters two to three times a year will prevent this. You can hire a professional cleaner or use a gutter cleaning robot if your gutters are too big or too high up to be safely cleaned by yourself. You can also install debris free or rain guard gutters to ensure that the gutters never get clogged in the first place. The covers on these gutters are immediately visible, and can greatly increase curb appeal. Repairing and replacing roofing tiles is also key. Have your roof inspected at least once per year, preferably in the spring, to ensure that it is not in need of any repairs.

When trying to improve curb appeal, rely primarily on common sense. Pick up any garbage that is strewn about the yard. Remove excess or nonfunctional vehicles from the driveway. Clean and sweep any porches or yards you might have. Make reasonable, smart investments in your property. And if all else fails, consult a local construction company that specializes in decorative curbing to ask for advice. 

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