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Decorative Curbing to Transform Your Yard

By Whirl Construction (518 words)
Posted in Decorative Curbing on February 20, 2013

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In many effective garden schemes, it’s the decorative curbing that keeps the yard looking trim, fresh and cared-for. Borders created with brick, wood, concrete or stone serve a functional purpose as well. Our modern surfaces help to define and separate spaces from one another. Whether you wish to add instant curb appeal to a home, direct foot traffic or simply to enhance the garden’s aesthetic beauty; adding decorative curbing provides an affordable way to improve life at home.

Decorative Curbing by Whirl Construction

Curbing Benefits and Applications

Garden borders help confine the growth of plants and flowers to specific areas. A variety of decorative curbing applications can improve a yard’s functionality. Borders can define the separation between plantings, paths, playgrounds or lawns. They offer a measure of safety and security as well.

A simple circle of curbing can be used to highlight a specimen plant or tree, creating an instant focal point in the yard. They’re ideal for use as borders for vegetable and herb gardens, providing easy access for gardening chores while helping to keep weeds at bay. Curbing can turn an ordinary path into something special. They can even be used to create artistic designs to elevate the style of the garden.

Material Options

Although virtually any material can be used to create a garden border, materials that can stand up to long-term exposure and withstand the elements are the most practical option. Natural stone, bricks and concrete are the most durable choices for garden curbing. When installed properly by professional landscaping contractors, homeowners can expect them to function well for decades to come.

Add appeal to your home with decorative curbing!Natural Stone

Every rock and stone has its own unique shape, color and striations. Stone curbing works best in gardens that are designed in a casual, rustic or natural style. Their lack of uniformity may add to the garden’s charm but can also make natural stone curbing challenging to install.


Formed from clay that has been fired to increase its durability, bricks are a versatile curbing material that complements a variety of garden styles. Bricks work relatively well as curbing in light-traffic areas. They’re more prone to breakage than either stone or concrete, and are not as effective as borders for heavy-use applications.


An attractive and durable option for all curbing applications, concrete is an ideal curbing material. Concrete is available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes which makes it easy for homeowners to pick the best option to suit their needs. Some homeowners may enjoy approaching a curbing installation as a DIY project. For others, the heavy and labor-intensive work calls for professional assistance. Particular for curbing projects intended for use around children. Contact Whirl Construction today for expert advice and decorative curbing installations.

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