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Decorative Curbing

By Whirl Construction (425 words)
Posted in Decorative Curbing on July 9, 2012

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Decorative curbing may just be the next big thing to hit your neighborhood. Never heard of it? Well, decorative curbing is just what it sounds like. It is a great way to give your lawn personality by creating an elegant border for flower beds, drive ways and just about anywhere else you deem fit. In addition to beautifying a space, concrete curbing is more durable and easier to maintain than its traditional counterparts. 

Decorative curbing is installed with the aid of a machine that produces a flawless, preformed mold. Different attachments allow the curbing machine to form the concrete into a variety of different designs. There is bound to be a style that catches your eye no matter what you are looking for. Buyers can choose from stone, brick, wood or even just a clean cement look. Different colors and stamps supply contractors with almost infinite possibilities.


In addition to multiple designs, there are different contour styles to choose from. Buyers can select from the slant, mower and 6X4 square styles among a plethora of others. These different contours provide different looks and benefits. For example, the mower style gives your yard more of a decorative flair than the 6X4 square. In addition, the curbing has a dip around the outside edge allowing for easier lawn care, thus it is called the mower style.

Some even allow for the addition of lighting, irrigation and speaker systems directly into the curbing. These subtle additions add even more flair to your yard while providing great ambiance for outdoor leisure time.

Not only does concrete curbing look great, but it also adds real value to your home or business. According to Irrigation & Green Industry, a $2,000 investment could potentially increase your property value by more than $10,000. Customers are usually billed by linear foot, so your price will depend on the area you want to enclose. A couple grand may seem like a pretty penny, but when compared to the amount of money one can spend on other types of edging in a lifetime, the price seems much more bearable. 

The curbing has already hit the western United States; however, it has yet to gain a grip on the East Coast. If you are in the tri-state area, local decorative curbing contractors may be the best way to find someone in your area.

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