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Easily Add Curb Appeal with Decorative Curbing

By Whirl Construction (605 words)
Posted in Decorative Curbing on May 24, 2013

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Springtime brings yard work and thoughts about improving the appearance of personal property. Many might consider renovations that enhance various areas of their home. These improvements can include attractive curbing, retaining walls, gazebos and more. Curbing adds visual definition and separation of specific areas in a landscape while offering a neatly trimmed look. The innumerable installations for curbing might include accentuating playground areas, flower beds or walkways.

Decoartive Curbing by Whirl Construction

Benefits of Curbing

Around gardens or flower beds, curbing defines areas of plant growth. A circle of curbing around trees provides a visual focal point. Curbing helps keep unwanted grass or weeds at bay. Decorative borders also provide protection when mowing that prevents harm to carefully tended plants. Curbing transforms ordinary walkways into attractive accents that not only define and separate locations within a yard, but also highlights lawns and other regions of active growth.

Consumers find numerous options for borders or curbing at do-it-yourself centers. Economical options withstand elements for a limited amount of time. Bricks, concrete and stone remain the most durable materials as a border choice. After professional installation, these materials enhance properties for decades.

Plastic Edging

Available at discount stores, mass merchandisers and home improvement stores, many opt for plastic edging as a means of separating areas in a yard. Installation merely requires unrolling the product, cutting it to size and embedding a portion of the substance beneath the soil’s surface. However, constant exposure to cold, heat and moisture often dislodges the plastic and makes the edging fragile. In time, homeowners must replace and repeat the process.

Wood Curbing

Wood provides a natural, homey appearance that blends into the outdoor environment. Consumers might use precut timbers or bundles banded together with wire. For a uniform appearance, the ground often requires leveling. Installation requires at least a two-inch ditch that ensures stability along with insertion of sizable nails. Whether stained or painted, constant exposure to the elements causes rotting, which necessitates eventual replacement.


Typically comprised of simple clay, brick undergoes a firing process at extreme temperatures for a designated period of time. This technique hardens the clay and produces durability. The colors and sizes available make the substance adaptable to many designs. Use them to outline flowerbeds, gardens or around other landscaping. Many construct walkways and driveways with bricks. Unfortunately, compared with concrete or stone, bricks remain prone to breakage.


Concrete easily conforms to various colors, sizes, shapes and textures making it the perfect material for numerous designs and landscaping patterns. Do-it-yourself centers offer concrete mixes along with molds and stains that allow homeowners to create brick or stone like patterns for a variety of uses. The material weighs substantially more than conventional bricks and often requires a considerable amount of time for mixing, molding, unmolding and application. The professionals found at Whirl Construction offer advice and installation services when considering concrete options.


The unique colors, shapes and textures of real stone appeals to many consumers. Depending on the shape of the stone, consumers might choose the material for everything from flowerbed and garden borders to patios and walkways. Stone provides a more natural, rustic appearance. However, the irregularities found may pose a frustrating installation process.

Comments (4)

Kitchen Remodeling posted on: June 20, 2013

Great resources for curbing. I would like to add logs as curbing material. It also add accent to overall garden design.

Lillian Schaeffer posted on: October 6, 2016

This is some great information and I appreciate your point that concrete curbing comes in various colors and shapes. I'd like to put curbing around my flower beds to prevent the lawn from creeping into the open soil. I'd prefer something that's durable, and I like to have some different choices when it comes to appearance, so I'll definitely look into concrete as my best option. Thanks for the great post!

Caden Dahl posted on: April 14, 2017

I like how you mentioned that concrete curbing has a lot of variety. My wife wants to put borders around her gardens, and we were trying to decide what kind of curbing to put in. I think concrete would be a good, durable option, and I'm sure she would appreciate having some options when it comes to appearance, so I think that's probably our best choice.

Max Jones posted on: April 18, 2017

I had no idea there were so many different kinds of curbing! I really like the look of the brick curbing though, and that it is so adaptable like you said. I'll have to talk to a local curbing service and to my wife to see what they think and what the options are. Thanks for the suggestions!

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