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Easy Ways to Clean Up Your Local Parks

By Whirl Construction (515 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on December 7, 2016

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Let’s face it. Some of our local parks are simply atrocious. Not because they’re actually a “bad place”, but simply because the amount of trash that accumulates in them is truly gross. While it’s usually up to the local council to ensure that local parks are well taken care of, sometimes, this simply isn’t enough. Perhaps there aren’t enough resources to allocate to keeping them clean, perhaps they aren’t attended to often enough, or perhaps they are simply just so low down on the list of priorities that no one seems to care.

Well, if you care, here are some ways that you can go about turning the tide and making the area a clean, enjoyable place for all.

Pressure the council to hire a dedicated cleaner

There’s nothing like a bit of civilian action and enthusiasm to make your local government really sit up and pay attention. Often, it’s as simple as lobbying your local government to really do something about the state of your local parks. Get a group together, put forward letters of complaint, and suggestions of how to do things better, and you’ll never know how far you can go!

Get local schools involved

Local schools are always looking for civic tasks to do in the area to strengthen their children’s community involvement. You might like to try approaching a school or schools to see if they will undertake a park clean up once a week or so. With a large group of people, cleaning up is a relatively simple task to do. Not only that, but the school children will have a chance to get out and about in the great outdoors for a bit! The way we see it, it’s a win-win situation.

Redesign areas

Trash can accumulate in areas in a local park that aren’t well designed. For instance, if you have bleachers almost butting up against a wall, the potential for trash to accumulate behind here is sky high. If you have these funny sort of areas in a local park where you notice build up, then it might be time to start thinking about a redesign. Here again, you should approach the government or private owner of a park with your ideas about how things could be done better.

Improve facilities

There may also be a buildup of trash because the park is underutilized due to boring or dull facilities. You will notice in a well-used park that well-meaning citizens often pick up trash themselves because they really enjoy the space. If a park near you is underutilized it might be time to think about upgrading facilities.

Install more trash receptacles

The easiest thing to do to clean up in a park is simply to install more trash receptacles! Oftentimes people will dump rubbish simply because there is nowhere else to put it. A few well placed trash receptacles in a park that is having rubbish issues is often enough to make the park that much cleaner.

Whirl offers quality park equipment including trash receptacles. If it’s time to clean up, then consider Whirl.

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