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Even More of the World's Greatest Playgrounds!

By Whirl Construction (595 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on August 15, 2012

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World's Greatest Playgrounds

Today, the world is transforming into an even more interesting looking place due to advancements in architectural design. This couldn't be more evident than in something we may have all enjoyed at once point in our lives: the playground. A place we couldn't wait to get to, run wild and little to our knowledge a place our parents secretly used to deplete us of all our energy for a quieter evening. Today, parents have the advantage as the parks are designed to make children never want to leave. All around the world, out of the box playground have sprung up for children and adults to enjoy. We’ve already seen the most exotic playground designs from around the world, but now it’s time to check out more of the world’s greatest playground designs.

Takino Hillside Park - Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan


This playground located on the hillside of Takino gets its design idea from nature. The lighting and sound settings make for a one of a kind experience that most kids beg to return to. This park has a spectacular designed net located in its rainbow dome and most of the park is inserted into the beautiful hillside.

Teardrop Park - Battery Park City, NYC, USA

Situated between Battery Park City's residential buildings, Teardrop Park is a sight to behold in New York City. Teardrop displays remarkably protrusive rocks, intricate geodynamic compositions, secret walkways, a unique ice wall, and a large slide that fits naturally into the overall structure. One of the main attractions is that it's a relatively hidden park and which seems like a world within a world to a kids’ imagination.


Zabeel Technology Park – Dubai

Dubai is known for its architectural feats, and it doesn't stop at indoor skiing slopes in a heated climate or extravagantly designed skyscrapers that loom over a city continuously growing. Dubai also caters to those looking to have a bit of fun with one of the technological themed playgrounds. The Zabeel Technology Park features next generation technology and alternative energy attractions. At Zabeel, kids will be sure to have fun getting lost in a large maze designed after the solar system.


Open-Air Museum Pavilion - Hakone, Kanagawa

The Pavilion at Hakone makes kids all over Japan happy as this large temple like structure is layer after layer of excitement. It was constructed by using ancient temple construction methods. Inside of the temple like structure there is a jumbo sized climbing net, this net is a work of art as it’s a feat in itself, being knitted entirely by hand, from recycled nylon.

The net was made to create a large activity area. Simply put, there are various places for kids to explore on multiple levels. Kids are able swing from knitted teardrops, located on the exterior of the nets. They can also climb around the top of the net as well. They have the ability crawl through the net by accessing multiple openings included in the net and play with other children in the resting spots. 

These and many other innovative playgrounds across the globe ignore any past barriers when it comes to creating exciting and memorable environments that visitors will cherish for years to come.

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