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Everything you Need to Know About Curb Appeal for Playgrounds

By Whirl Construction (451 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on June 21, 2017

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Curb appeal? What’s that? Curb appeal isn’t just how awesome the actual curb is. It’s about how awesome the entire property looks from a street view – or curb, if you will. It’s about how well kept a property is, including the paint job, the landscaping, the fence, etc.

So what is curb appeal when it comes to playgrounds?

Well, curb appeal for playgrounds is how appealing your playground looks from the street. And remember that you’re not just thinking about how good it’s going to look for adults, but how good it’s going to look for kids, too.


First, make sure the playground is visible from the street, and if that is not possible, be sure to have clear signs saying there is a playground inside the park. If people passing by don’t know that there is a playground because it’s hidden, then you won’t have any incidental street traffic.

It can be beneficial for the playground to be visible both for adults as well as for children – remember there is a height difference between the two.


If it’s curb appeal that you’re after, then you’ll want to consider the layout of the playground within the space to make sure that it is as attractive from the street as possible. You can do this by facing the bright and interesting playground elements toward the street.

The angling and placement of your playground should be just right to make sure you are attracting people on the street.


Parents aren’t just looking at how cool a playground appears, they are also interested in what sort of facilities are alongside the playground for kids to access. Facilities such as bathroom blocks, water fountains, trash bins and picnic tables are all important elements to have in your playground area. If parents can see them from the curb they know that taking their child to this particular playground will be easier for them than taking them to one without any facilities on site.

These items add value to your playground – maybe not for kids, but definitely for parents.


It’s not just the playground and facilities that need to look good from the road – it’s the way the surrounding area is kept and the greenery, too!

Carefully design the playground property to make the most of your budget. The more attractive your whole space looks from the road, the more foot traffic you’ll have coming through.

With over 30 years in the industry, Whirl Construction knows how to design and build playgrounds with the best curb appeal. Book a consultation with us now to see how we can transform your space into a functional work of art.

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