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Home Improvement Made Easy in 7 Simple Steps

By Whirl Construction (537 words)
Posted in Retaining Walls/Pavers on August 10, 2016

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There is something very satisfying about making additions to the home that are either functional or decorative. Especially if you do the home improvement yourself! Follow these 7 simple steps for home improvement made easy.

Step 1: Start small

If you have little to no experience with home improvement then you will want to start off by doing a small, beginner project. Like anything else, you need to learn how to walk before you can run! So if you really wanted to build your own swimming pool for the summer, it might be best to start off with installing a new shelf in your lounge room.

Step 2: Research, research, research

Thankfully we no longer have to rely on newspaper cutouts and old videotapes to follow home improvement jobs. Once you have decided on a project, or you’re looking to find some inspiration, you can check out sites like the DIY Network or HGTV. You’ll also be able to find a lot of great projects on YouTube for doing it yourself.

Step 3: Use planning tools

That means pens, paper, and even graph paper. From your info that you’ve gathered write out the steps of the project in your own words, and then a shopping list of everything that you will need to get the job done. Measure out your own space with a tape measure and adjust the project’s measurements to suit your situation. Trace out your project to scale, on graph paper if need be.

Step 4: Build or rent your toolkit

You’ll need to purchase all the right tools to get the job done – or you might be able to borrow from friends or family, or rent them. Be wary of buying bargain basement tools as these may have a greater tendency to break or be more difficult to use.

Step 5: Gather all your materials at once

There is nothing worse than getting part way through your project and realizing you’ve got to run to the local hardware shop – especially if you’re on a roll or it’s after hours. Find all the items on your shopping list and head out the one time to grab them, or better yet, get them delivered. You should usually buy extra materials just in case of emergency. Running out of screws because a few fell through the floorboards or accidentally cutting further into your section of wood that you should have is a common occurrence.

Step 6: Break up your task into smaller sections in case it ends up taking a lot longer than you anticipated

If you’re not very experienced with home improvement, a half a day project can stretch out into the whole weekend. Breaking up the project into smaller sections will allow you to walk away and come back to the project when you’re ready, without being stretched for time.

Step 7: Know when to call in professional contractors

Some tasks are just best left to the professionals. You can hire tradespeople with one specialty, such as building a retaining wall, or you can choose a full service team such as landscapers. By choosing specialty tradespeople you can complement the professional work that they do with your own DIY.


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