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Add Value to Your Property: How Building a Gazebo Increases Property Value

By Whirl Construction (408 words)
Posted in Gazebos/Shelters/Shades on August 13, 2014

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When you build a gazebo on your property, you reap benefits that range from added beauty to increased property value. A gazebo makes for an elegant, relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors and can become a special place for families to gather outside. If you are looking for a way to savor the landscape that surrounds you, consider constructing a gazebo that lets you truly experience and revel in the nature that surrounds your property. Read below to learn just how a gazebo not only adds beauty to your home, but also how it can add value to your property.

The first way in which a gazebo can help add value to your property is that it adds additional space to your property. While a gazebo is not the equivalent of extra storage space, which is something buyers are willing to pay extra for, it does create an additional space within your property. This is especially true of gazebos that are functional in nearly all seasons. To add value to your property, install a gazebo that includes seating space, lighting and other furnishings such as a small table and chairs. Having a fully-functional gazebo essentially adds one more room to your property.

In addition to adding more space, gazebos are unique structures that many homes do not have. Items such as screened-in porches, pools and hot tubs all add value to homes simply because they are luxuries. Just as these items add value, so does the construction of a gazebo. People want a home that stands out by offering items that are not readily available at other locations.

Perhaps the most eminent way that gazebos add value to your property is that they are so incredibly versatile. For some people, simply having a gazebo is the perfect addition to an already immaculately- landscaped lawn. Others may want to place a hot tub in a gazebo for maximum relaxation benefits. One thing that real estate professionals remind sellers is that buyers want to be able to see a home as their own and want to see opportunities for personalization. A gazebo gives sellers a great way to show potential buyers that there is plenty of opportunity to create their own very personal and unique home.

When considering investing in a gazebo, be sure to look for quality materials and construction in order to maximize the additional value to your property.

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