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How Many Public Park Benches Should You Have?

By Whirl Construction (400 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on May 23, 2018

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Public park benches are an integral part of your community park design. People need to be able to sit down and rest for awhile - especially when attending an active place like the park. Having enough park benches is crucial to meeting the needs of your visitors and providing a safe park environment. So how many public park benches should you have?

How Many Park Benches Do You Need?

The industry standard for seat size is 18 inches, and you should have some idea of the number of people your park will accomodate at peak times. Use this information to decide how many park benches you need. First, divide the length of your chosen park bench in inches by 18 to determine how many people will fit on a bench. Don’t forget to round down since a fraction of a person won’t be able to fit. Then, divide the number of people your benches need to accommodate by the number of people that will fit on a bench to determine how many benches you need. For example, if you are purchasing 4 feet long benches and need to accommodate 24 people, your math will look like this:

Length of Bench in Inches: 4 feet * 12 inches  = 48 inches

Number of Seats: 48 inches / 18 inches = 2 seats per bench (with a little extra room)

Number of Benches: 24 people / 2 people = 12 benches

Do I Need Extra Park Benches?

If your park is primarily a playground, be sure to provide plenty of benches in prime viewing spots for parents to watch their children. If these are the numbers you used to determine how many benches you need, be sure to purchase extra benches for other prime spots throughout the public park.

Public Park Bench Placement

Determining how many public park benches you need is just the first step. Now you have to figure out where to put them. Important places to put benches include: along long paths for walkers to rest, in prime playground viewing spots, near water fountains and in the shade, and spots with excellent views.

Park benches are just one of the 7 site amenities every park needs. Check out our site amenities and learn how we can help bring your public park to life.

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Comments (3)

Mathew Wright posted on: May 30, 2018

Great article! People should be made aware of the rules and guidelines regarding benches in parks. They are necessary, especially for the older generation, who cannot walk for long. It is also important to check their material quality, and keep regular inspections in order, so that people do not get hurt while using them.

Fiana Gates posted on: July 30, 2020

Thanks for your valuable information

Britney Perry posted on: October 30, 2020

Thanks for providing excellent information

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