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How to Choose Commercial Site Amenities for Schools

By Whirl Construction (421 words)
Posted in Site Amenities on May 9, 2016

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When you’re choosing site amenities to install in a school, be careful to choose the right amenities, as the wrong decisions could result in your amenities being underutilized or overcrowded.

Here are some questions to consider when deciding which site amenities to install in your school.

What age are the students?

If you're installing site amenities in a kindergan school or pre-school, installing bike racks is probably not necessary as these children won't be riding to school (unless the bike racks are for staff, of course!). Age will dictate what facilities you will need, along with the students' size. For smaller children you will want smaller benches and tables, etc., and larger ones for high schoolers.

What size is the school?

What we’re talking about here is the physical footprint of the school. Do you have a huge amount of space to fill, or just little parts around the outside of the school? If you’ve got a lot of room, you can put in things like a football field and bleachers, and multiple basketball courts. Otherwise you’re going to have to get imaginative about ways to use your space. It may be wise to consult with commercial construction companies like Whirl in this case.

How many students are you catering for?

How many kids go to the school? You will need to cater for as many children as you can when choosing your facilities. If you don’t install enough litter receptacles, your trash will be overflowing by the time lunchtime has finished! Having enough seating areas so that as many kids who want to sit down can, is also a big one.

How much money do you have to play with?

Depending on how much money you have dictates the sort of materials and setups you can choose from when you’re out shopping for site amenities for your school. If your budget is bigger, for example, you can choose to install arty-type bike racks that are affixed to the ground by being set in concrete. However, if you have less, you might just choose a standard rack made out of aluminum that is mobile.

What sporting activities do you want to concentrate on?

What sort of sports are the kids into? What sporting programs are run by the school? This will let you know which fields and courts to install and whether you need bleachers for one and not for another, or whether you need two courts rather than one.

Find a great range of commercial site amenities for schools at Whirl construction. We’ve got you covered whatever your requirements are!

Comments (1)

Gerald Wellington posted on: May 10, 2016

I love your company so much it is my number one choice for getting a playground installed!!! Your installation process is quick and easy, and your workers are so professional! This is by far the best construction company I have ever seen!

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