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How to Choose Your Commercial Bike Rack Mount

By Whirl Construction (424 words)
Posted in Site Amenities on April 11, 2016

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Whether it’s a park, campus, or office grounds, encouraging people to cycle instead of drive to your space is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint created by driving everywhere.

Once you have chosen what sort of bike racks you want for your space, then you will need to choose how you would like to affix them to the ground, assuming you’re not after a free-standing bike rack structure. Free-standing bike racks have the tendency to go walkabout or move spots when random folks feel like it, so it’s definitely best to mount your racks.

You have two options when choosing bike rack mounts for your commercial space: in-ground surface mounts and surface mounts. Here's how to choose the best type of commercial bike rack for your space.

In-ground bike rack mounts

In-ground bike rack mounts are the sturdiest option for mounting your racks. These racks are going nowhere in a hurry! They are good to use when you are certain that you want your bike racks affixed in that particular area for the long haul, and you won’t need to check up on your bike racks to make sure that they’re still there.

The bike rack itself will have spikes or posts extending below the underside of the rack around 30 inches or so that will need burying in concrete. To install them, you will need to dig holes of 8 inches or more inches in diameter of at least 30 inches deep. These holes will then need to be filled with concrete, and the bike racks put in them. While the concrete is drying you will need to ensure the racks remain upright!

Surface bike rack mounts

Surface bike rack mounts are easier to install than in-ground bike rack mounts. This means that you can easily change up their position in your commercial space if you need to as well. These rack mounts will have screw holes in metal plates at the bottom on the bike rack. You will need to drill holes into the concrete, and then place anchors in them for the screw to have something to screw into.

From there, position the bike rack over the top of the anchors and screw in the accompanying screws to affix the bike rack to the ground.

If you need to move your bike racks to another location at any stage, all you will need to do is unscrew the racks, and repeat the drilling and screwing steps in the bike rack’s new location.

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