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How to Encourage Recycling Participation in Your Parks

By Whirl Construction (431 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on March 30, 2018

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Spring is coming, and that means more people coming to your local parks and leaving behind trash. Are you wondering how to encourage recycling participating in your parks? If so, the following tips should help.

Place Containers Next To Trash Cans

Don’t make the mistake of having people walk a few extra steps to find the recycling bin. Place it right next to the trash can so no matter what they are tossing, the option to recycle will be right in front of them. Some local parks only place recycling bins next to certain trash cans, but to be truly effective, you need to have a recycling bin next to every trash can in the park. If you are having a problem with littering, you may need to consider adding more trash cans and recycling bins throughout the park. Learn more ways to prevent littering in your local park.

Label Bins Clearly

Everyone has been to a park or other public place and found a recycling bin and trash can that were not clearly marked. How do you know which one gets your aluminum can and which ones gets the dirty diaper? Thankfully, all it takes to solve this common dilemma is to label things clearly. Rather than using the same bins with recycling painted on one (which may fade with time), choose a green bin for your recycling that is clearly marked in several places. This will give people visual cues so they don’t have to guess.

Use Signs to Encourage Recycling

It may surprise you how many people in your community still know very little about recycling. Take the guesswork out of the process by providing clear instructions about what can and cannot go into the recycling bin. Be specific rather than providing a generic “paper, plastic, glass” sign. Show examples of items that belong in the recycling bins as well as examples of items that should be trashed instead.

Explain the Why of Recycling

In your signage or even directly on your bins, consider adding a statement about why your community should focus on recycling. You could even add vinyl lettering that says,  “Are you sure this shouldn’t be recycled?” to your trash can’s most visible area. Community parks give you a great opportunity to encourage recycling in the lives of your community members. Show them why it’s important, and you may be surprised by the impact.

Is cleaning up your local park just not enough anymore? Contact us to learn how we can help makeover your local park.


Comments (1)

Mathew Wright posted on: May 2, 2018

Informative article. It is necessary to label trash cans as biodegradable and non-biodegradable so that plastic can be recycled efficiently. Building parks and maintaining them are two different things. It is necessary that we do the latter too.

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