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How to Get a Public Playground in Your Town

By Whirl Construction (510 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on January 19, 2017

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Public playgrounds are a wonderful addition to any suburb or town. They are a great spot to get the kids out of the house and into the sunshine, get them off their screens, and get them socializing with other children. It’s also a great spot for other parents to meet new friends and to get out of the house, too.

If you feel that you don’t have enough public playgrounds in your neck of the woods, then you might wonder how to go about getting one. Here are our top two tips for getting a public playground built in your town.

Tip #1: Lobby local government

Local government is responsible for overseeing public facilities in your town, and allocating funds to various public projects. What this means is that they will also take care of finding land for a playground, installing facilities, and maintenance, too. The best way to go about getting a new public playground erected is always to approach your local government first.

You may like to approach them yourself first, to see if they have any projects in the works – you could find that they already have new playgrounds slated to be built. If they do not and aren’t particularly interested in listening to your concerns, then it’s probably time to get yourself a petition.

You can write up a petition, or do an online one, asking for a new public playground in your town, and then try and amass as many signatures from your neighborhood as possible. When many people in the community come together for a cause it can be very difficult for local government to ignore you. If it’s what the people what, then the government have a mandate to discuss possible populist works.

Tip #2: Raise money for a community playground

If local government are non-receptive to your ideas, then it might be possible to build a public playground that is built by the community, for the community. Of course, you should check with local government first if this is legal in your town.

If you are to build a community funded public playground, then you will need to be very organized if you are the spearhead the efforts. Not only will you need to coordinate fundraising activities, but you will also need to research safety codes, playground designs, layouts, and other such activities associated with building the playground.

You don’t need to do this all yourself though: if you can find a core team to work with, then you can all have specific roles within it, and you can share the workload.

When you are fundraising, make sure to approach big local businesses. You might even be able to sell advertising space within the playground area, which can lead to a hefty injection of funds.

No matter whether it’s a government funded affair, or a community funded one, Whirl can look after your playground needs. We have over 30 years experience in building public playgrounds, so look to us, and our designs, when you’re ready to start building.

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