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How to Keep Kids Safe at the Playground this Summer

By Whirl Construction (370 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on June 26, 2012

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It is a well known fact that over 200,000 playground-related emergency room-treated injuries occur annually. Approximately 15 of these children will die as a result of their injuries. These injuries, for the most part, can be altogether avoided by using good safety practices with children on the playground. It's a natural impulse for children to want to act silly on the playground, but this free spirited frolicking should always be combined with a rigid set of rules. Obeying playground rules and enforcing playground rules are the best way to keep children safe. This article will address and delineate safety measures that can be used by children on your playground.


Playground Safety Tips

  • Make sure children wear knee pads and helmets when operating bicycles or roller-skates.
  • Don't allow children to wear loose clothing, or clothing with strings on the playground. These items can get caught up on protrusions on the playground and cause strangulation.
  • Keep a close eye on children whenever they are on the playground.
  • Make sure that children only play with items that are rated for their age group.
  • Do not let children wear open toed shoes or sandals on the playground. Instead choose a slip resistant shoe that is closed.
  • Inspect the playground before letting children play on it to ensure that it is sturdy and everything in the playground is anchored safely.
  • If you don't want children exposed to bacteria and contagions, don't let them play in the sandbox.
  • Playgrounds are also breeding grounds for germs and viruses, so it is imperative that you have children wash their hands after leaving the playground.

Additional Playground Safety Rules

  • Never walk in front of a swing while it is in motion
  • Only one child should be allowed to operate a swing at a time
  • No running on concrete
  • Don't talk to strangers while at the playground
  • Don't attempt to scale the slide the wrong way
  • Whenever climbing structures, always remember to use the handles

Parents should notify the proper authorities immediately if they spot any safety hazards so that an authorized playground construction company can repair any issues.

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