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How to Make Your Gazebo an Outdoor Oasis

By Whirl Construction (468 words)
Posted in Gazebos/Shelters/Shades on April 11, 2014

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Outdoor gazeboIf you’re looking to turn your yard into a sanctuary from the modern world, consider building a gazebo in your yard. This architectural element will enhance your garden and inspire a welcoming energy around your home. And with the following 5 tips, your gazebo will quickly become your own, personal outdoor oasis.

1. Avoid Urban Architecture
Often, gazebos will clash with modern landscapes and modern décor. If you want an outdoor oasis that matches your contemporary style, consider a sunroom or contemporary covered patio. What makes gazebos beautiful is their vintage English and French garden influence. So if you have a formal garden or property lined with trees and woods, building the gazebo against these elements will play out perfectly. It will become organic haven, separate from your home, and turn your yard into a natural oasis.

2. Create Ambience
Turn your gazebo into a sanctuary by drowning out the urban sounds of traffic and crowds with water fixtures or wind chimes. With these elements, you are replacing the white noise of modernity with the ambient sounds of nature. Running water and the gentle ting of wind chimes creates a calming mood that will inspire relaxation and turn your gazebo into a place you’ll want to retreat to.

3. Feed the Birds
To inspire an even more natural oasis, invite the birds. Hanging bird feeders or hummingbird feeders to welcome feathered friends to your gazebo. Sharing your garden with these natural visitors will not only make it more welcoming, it will also encourage a sense of quiet as you avoid startling these creatures by remaining still and calm.

4. Get Comfortable
The best way to get comfortable in your outdoor gazebo is to bring in furniture and décor that you find aesthetically pleasing. Find outdoor couches and chairs with cushions that are both comfortable and resistant to elements. You’ll want to lounge and enjoy your gazebo in all types of weather. With this in mind, consider installing curtains or mosquito nets. These will not only keep out unwanted bugs and sunlight, but will also add a fantastical touch to your yard as they blow in the wind.

5. Don’t Forget that Unique Touch
Finally, remember that this is your outdoor oasis. Add elements that reflect your unique personality. Perhaps statues or garden gnomes are your favorite, or maybe you want to bring in a wicker rug so that you can lounge barefoot. Whatever your vice, bring it into the gazebo to make your outdoor oasis your personal backyard paradise.

As you build and decorate your gazebo, be sure that it is easily viewed from inside your home. In this way, even if you cannot physically enjoy its comforts at that moment, you can still appreciate its design.

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