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How to Make Your Playground Handicap Accessible

By Whirl Construction (453 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on October 11, 2017

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It is important when planning or redesigning your playground that you make it accessible for all children – and that means handicapped children, too. While it can be quite easy to go about and design a playground that works well for able-bodied children, it takes a little bit more thought to design an inclusive playground that is accessible for all children.

Today we take a look at what you should think about first before you start your design or redesign of your accessible playground.

Ensure there is handicap parking close by

This is the first part of your equation when it comes to making your playground handicap accessible. Handicap parking should be within a very short distance of your playground, and if you have a large playground you might like to think about having more than one parking space, so multiple families can easily enjoy your facilities at once. Make sure that spots are clearly marked, both on the ground and with overhead signs, so that others don’t accidentally park in the space.

Adding in wheelchair ramps

The next thing you’ll need to think about is the location of your playground in reference to the handicap parking spaces. They shouldn’t be too far apart for ease of transport. Between the parking space and the playground you’ll need to ensure that you have smooth, easily navigable passage ways. This will probably include smooth concrete ramps that are wide enough to allow for easy access. Avoid any steps or uneven surfaces. Concrete is the obvious choice; however, some types of rubber flooring might work, as well.

Using handicap playground equipment

Not all playground equipment is handicap accessible. Elements such as tall slides and climbing frames may only be accessible by able-bodied children, or, at times, handicap children with a capable caregiver. However, it is important to choose playground elements that will delight and entertain handicapped children, too. Don’t just go for the obvious. Look for inspiration at playgrounds around the world that are designed specifically with handicapped children in mind. With enough research, you will find handicap playground equipment that you probably hadn’t even ever thought of before, that will be of interest to all children.

Whirl Construction has been in the business of building playgrounds for over 2 decades, so we have seen the playground design world really explode, becoming more and more interesting and accessible over time. We have experience in designing inclusive playgrounds and would be happy to provide consultancy and installation services. We can help with ideas, design, construction, installation, and maintenance, Contact us today if you have any questions about playgrounds or parks, or would like to start designing your new playground that works for everyone.

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