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How to Prepare Your Gazebo for Winter

By Whirl Construction (531 words)
Posted in Gazebos/Shelters/Shades on December 28, 2015

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When the cold weather hits, you want to be fully prepared for it. This means having all your winter clothes out of storage, the heavy blankets retrieved from the basement, a little dog coat for your jack russell… And the garden!

You need to make sure that you protect your garden and surroundings as much from the weather as you can, so that in spring, you don’t have twice the work to do to get it back into its previous state.

Gazebos and outside shelters can look beautiful year-round – and you can even enjoy entertaining in your gazebo on winter occasions too. To ensure that you’re not left with a gazebo in disrepair at the end of winter, you’ll need to adequately prepare it first. Check out these helpful tips on how to get your gazebo ready for the winter months.

Clean, clean, clean

The best defense against your gazebo aging prematurely is to start cleaning now. Start by sweeping the floor covering to remove all built-up dirt and then using the broom (or a duster) to reach up high and remove all the cobwebs that may have accumulated. Make sure to de-cobweb any nooks and crannies, and along benches and steps too.

Next you will want to spray down your entire gazebo with a hose to further remove any dirt you’ve missed or that is lodged onto surfaces.  Make sure again that you get into those hard to reach places. Get out a scrubbing brush and a bucket of warm water and get to scrubbing – concentrating on any areas that have developed a buildup of grime or mold.


Check your gazebo for any loose screws that have come out and grab a screwdriver to fix them up. Then take a good look at the condition of your paint or stain, both outside and inside. If it has deteriorated significantly across the year you will need to add an extra layer or two to keep it in good shape against the elements.

Adding protection for outdoor occasions

If you’d like to keep your gazebo as an entertaining area year-round then you will want to add some insulation to keep the heat in. Window coverings are a great way to keep your gazebo usable throughout winter. We recommend polyurethane, acrylic or plexiglass coverings. You’re still able to see through to the outside, but enjoy sitting inside your gazebo. Ensure you choose removable or retractable coverings if you intend on taking them off over the warmer months.

Remember to never start a fire or barbeque in an enclosed space without a chimney as you will be overcome by fumes. You might like to use a small heater instead, and cook food indoors before bringing it over to your gazebo.

We hope that we’ve been some help today in giving you advice on how to best prepare your gazebo for winter. Make sure that you clean carefully and recoat any surfaces that are deteriorating. You can still use your gazebo for entertaining in winter too, as long as you make sure its occupants don’t get frost-bitten!

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